Tetrahydroharmine (THH) sublingually Options
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69ron wrote:

The following day SWIM tried 150 mg orally. This was the first time he tried it orally. The citrate form of tetrahydroharmine is almost insoluble in water. It wouldn’t even completely dissolve in 1 cup of water! The taste was bitter and very slightly sour. It worked pretty quickly. About 10 minutes into it, the pleasant body tingling started. He also felt very slightly stimulated. The mind was clear, and there was mild euphoria. It seemed to peak after about 2 hours with some slightly “psychedelic” mental effects (but he’s not sure about that). The experience seemed to last maybe 4 hours. He’s not completely sure.

is SWIM reading too much into this or isn't this a way to seperate THH from the caapi alkaloids??? Just reduce down and maybe pop it in the fridge to precipitate?

SWIM isn't too interested in this, though many SWIM made a thread about it didn't they?
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SWIM just put in an order for 1 gram of pure THH so when it arrives SWIM will be sure to post their findings :-)
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