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#1 Posted : 10/3/2008 1:41:53 AM


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Hello. Smile

I am new to the forums. I am also new to phychedelics.

I heard of DMT from a friend about a 2 months ago. She told me about her DMT trips and such. We talked for several hours about DMT, LSD, and mushrooms. But what caught my eye the most was this so called "Hyperspace". After our conversation i purchased DR. Rick Strassmans book, i read about DMT and the pineal gland for hours on end. All of this research has made me very interested in trying DMT.

However, i have never done a phychedelic. I've mostly stuck to smoking leaf.

Anyway, my question is.. Would you recommend smoking DMT for my first phychedelic trip? I've done lots of research on the stuff so i think other than having the experiance of other phychedelics i'm pretty mentally prepared. But from what i've heard you can never be fully prepared for your first trip to hyperspace.


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#2 Posted : 10/3/2008 9:24:43 AM

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Why not, it only lasts 10 minutes as compared to when i took acid for the first time and didnt really enjoy it (set and setting was all wrong) but i had to endure 12 hours of that.

DMT is a great start, youre in for a ride!
#3 Posted : 10/3/2008 9:38:18 AM
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DMT was my first psychedelic and if you are really searching for it then I reccomend going for it. nothing will prepare you so why bother worrying? (though a couple days before your first dose, it helped me to start deconstructing everything you do and care about and become comfortable with the prospect of leaving it all behind)
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personally I think a musshroom trip is a better starter, but each one has their own way
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DMT was my first psychedelic; I only know the outer outer realms though. It was ...easy to handle, pretty astonishing. 20-30mg for a glimpse. A mushromm trip lasts 4-6 hours, don't forget that. Low dose DMT = 8 minutes and it's over, but you don't want it to end so shortly.

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i was thinking about doing shrooms for the first time. But, i really want to start with something special. So i've come to the conclusion i'm just going to smoke 50mg of pure dmt. That should be more then enough to send me to DMT hyperspace Laughing

Anyways, thanks for your input Razz
#7 Posted : 10/3/2008 10:22:39 PM
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Just understand that though you have read and researched it, nothing will prepare you for what will happen. Taking other psychedelics only helps people being comfortable in an altered state. But DMT happens so fast, that you'll wish it lasted longer, and you won't exactly have time to send yourself into a bad trip. Even though it will feel like an entire year shoved into a few minutes as you're in the trip, soon as you come out the time will fade.

Like: think of every minute you have lived in the past year. And how many minutes of it you actually remember? Very, very, very little. I look at a DMT trip the same way, so much happens, but you can only really remember glimpses of it.

Anywho, back on topic...

I think there are 3 things that account for a bad trip / bad time with any psychedelic and that is:

1. Taking TOO MUCH when you dose too high on something you've never done before, that will always put you in less control.
2. BAD SET AND SETTING - Always do it in a comfortable place, so you don't have to worry about outer problems entering into YOUR time.
3. Trip anxiety - I think this is the biggest one, I find what sends most people into bad trips is wanting it to be over before its gonna be over. As soon as you want it to end, you're gonna get nervous, and think about bad things, and just want it to stop and it snowballs from there.

So what is the solution? It is... and what I think matters the most to you my friend and anyone who first tries DMT:


Respect it, just be in the mentality that,"Show me whatever I you want me to see, and do to me whatever you want."

Don't hold onto anything, and realize you are NOT in control, and that you're gonna float down a raging rapid without an ounce of control.

When you truly do that, you wont have a bad trip, and it will be one of the most amazing introductions to psychedelics you'll ever have.

If you've been seeking it, then you should do it. The experience is thousands of times more special, and more real than any trip report, or any book can describe.

Good luck.
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