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Hey nexus.

What's everyone's opinion on DMT (in crystal form) and it's shelf life?

My friend has found that it is extremely sensitive to heat, due to it's low melting point. Also that "old" DMT is considerable less vivid. Smoking old DMT apparently increases body load, the yawns, gagging feeling and decreases the vivid pattern-like visuals. Anyone found the same to be true?

How long roughly can you keep crystalline DMT and what are the best conditions of storage to preserve the vivid visuals of the trip?

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FAQ: Does DMT go bad?

FAQ: How to store DMT?

Personally I smoked year-old dmt kept in a drawer without any protection in tropical weather and it was perfectly active, I could not notice any difference (appart from the looks of the crystals which got waxier and darker, I suspect as an only-superficial oxidation). My hypothesis is that a lot of people claiming to feel differences are being influenced by self-suggestion. A blind test would prove or disprove my hypothesis but so far only one person tested yellow vs white (not old vs new) and couldnt notice the difference, we need more people testing.

edit: for some reason when clicking the FAQ links, it doesnt go straight to the question, but its towards the end of the FAQ, questions 6.1 and 6.3
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what about bark? I have a kilo of powdered bark stored in a dark herb cabinet sealed in 2 bags and its probly 6-8 months old now..does anyone noticed bark becomming less active or not?

I smoked some DMT yesterday that I extracted months was in changa and I even left it out becasue I have another newer tin full of was drier than my other changa since it was left out for a while and it was definatily still very very activeShocked
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My spice has always been fine! Hell, dmt is dmt...whether anything is exaggerated or not, probably depends on a myriad of other factors and aspects, like set and setting, and all that jazz...
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