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Found a few new reports from hyperspace: [color=orange:51c35bf290]1st exp- approx 50mg amber crystal[/color:51c35bf290] "'Gastro' placed glass crack pipe to my mouth and told me to relax, i consumed three large lungfuls of acrid smoke and life as i knew it was forever changed. A tremendous whining humming noise and a floating 4 dimensional sculpture/mandala appeared with a glowing hot pink vulva in its centre, peircing through the middle i found myself in a boundless red cavern/womb made up of shifting geometric grid patterns. In the centre of this was a glowing white form,a being in a constant state of flux ,faceless ,breasts with no nipples and very busy in its creation/play with another sculpture of indescribable beauty and complexity. Almost as soon as i was aware of her she had turned and rushed towards me,instantly attaching to my left temple which gave me the curious sensation of existing simultaneously back in my corporel body and this strange new one.(my left temple "back there"actually began to heat up) this engagement was terrifying,my whole entirety was being scanned down to every individual atom and thought. I felt helpless and weak,this beings intelligence was vast ,alien and incomprehensible. This lasted for what seemed an eternity before an instinctual reflex kicked in and i PUSHED causing her to disengage and I immediately found myself back in "reality",albeit one made up of unsolid lines of rainbow fractals, a "reality i could never again take for granted. I lay like this for five or so minutes,observing solid form slowly reintegrate and become "normal". Not wanting to chat i thanked 'gastro' and left, a great smile on the inside, for all my secret beliefs and hopes had been made real,all the fairytales of my youth validated and forever i would know that there is a teeming,invisible multiverse constantly at work just waiting for me to come and play." [color=orange:51c35bf290] exp-2 approx 25mg amber crystal[/color:51c35bf290] Sitting in a friends loungeroom i prepared three small doses(25mg each)as my two friends did not want a breakthrough experience,having helped them i had two sharp pulls on the pipe myself. This time was quite different,gentle and washed in sun,i did not close my eyes, interested instead to see what the experience was like fully concious. The room again lost solid form,seemed to breath with a life of its own, and my friends skin,ahh was amazing i could see right through and their inners were made of twisting golden snakes rippling around like a psycedellic blood stream,i could sense but not see a host of presences that my friend could see and was calling'dakini's',they seemed loving and inquisitive and there presence perhaps helped my other friend who was body locked and rigid,intent on fighting an experience anathema to his core. After ten minutes it was over and i was left happy and relaxed." [color=orange:51c35bf290]exp-3[/color:51c35bf290] So,we lit a fire made our beds and began the ritual,my friend went first(his first time)and having seen that he was fine(he was just hovering on the peripherary and did not need a sitter)I noticed there was a large amount left in his pipe ,so not wanting to waste any i relit and was suprised to get three large hits. I had no time to notice anything as at this point I lost conciusness.....I awoke on my feet or rather foot as i was standing with arms in an eagle position with one leg raised and the other bent(similar to the karate kid)I did not immediately notice this as my mind was not my own,instead it had been replaced by a being i cannot really describe,the top half of my body was that of a hawk,the bottom human but the mind was truly alien,cold and predatory in its feel yet curiously comfortable and non invasive. My friend told me that at this point i was doing what could only be described as some kind of shamanic dance,a swooping shuffle.which in a confined space with a lit fire caused a small amount of alarm. Slowly however i came back to myself with no discernable shift in reality,instead i became aware of the yurt, who's walls were revolving and opening between each slat as if breathing ,wheeling tibetanesque mandala's rolling across my vision as well as assorted peculiar phenomena,looking up i noticed the roof was also revolving in sections counter to each other with each section getting progressively smaller and made up of a ring of tiny skulls,my friend was also witnessing the same thing and we both became aware of a LOT of animal noise coming from the surrounding forest,as though the critters were aware of the craziness going on(this was not to be the last time i would notice this.) Things gradually reconfigured themselves and overwhelmed i hugged my friend in appreciation in him being there as an anchor,and so exhuasted,we slept." [color=orange:51c35bf290]4th exp-approx 55-60 mg[/color:51c35bf290] "My lover wished to observe so i went first and upon entry found myself floating down on a platform to a vast checkerboard area ringed by huge pillars and no roof,in the middle? were two beings one dark and the other light,in fact the lady i had met on my first journey,this time however she was most welcoming,they both were in fact,busily trying to make me aware-of -this-thing-take-this-thing which i could not,for the life of me do. So after a while the short,shadowed man(who looked suspiciously like myself-could just make out a little goatee and the whole vibe seemed very familiar)grabbed this thing, which i can only describe as a 4 dimensional key/crack pipe,and with a hint of impatience placed it on my left temple!and began to smoke a thick liquid rainbow substance which seemed to give him great pleasure,laughing and puffing,this actuelly felt quite nice. Nothing was being taken away and I was aware enough of myself at this point to focus on love and in doing so found myself instantly taken to a a strange control type room where i was placed in a machine with a lot of tubes and things i could not begin to fathom. A number of these tubes were placed into my body and i became aware of what i can only describe as three goddess type beings one on either side and the other(my original friend who i call the gate-keeper)at my head. The overwhelming sense was deep deep love ,almost orgasmic in its intensity,with all three repeating over and over their love for me,this was and is one of the most beautiful things i have experienced and at its peak,with tubes all over cleansing and sucking,they placed the same key/pipe straight into my third eye where it remains to this day(unsure as to what its for). That was about it,on coming back i was almost deafened as it seemed as though every bird in the area had converged and started singing at the same time,my lover was sitting with eyes wide,amazed at the spectacle.,and as I cleared we prepared her journey............."

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