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is there something like that?

does one need more than the first time if trying to break thru more than once in an evening?
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Not really. It can be taken every 30 minutes with little development of tolerance. See here:
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I've always heard/read 30 to 60 minutes depending on the amount consumed and of course each person reacts differently.

I've taken like 3 or 4 tokes and for some reason the effects didn't get too intense, more ;like a smaller dose. Then as the effects wore off & because I was a bit disappointed, I smoked 2
more hits right away. And those two tokes blew me across the universe & back!!
I've also had the exact opposite reaction, in the exact same situation!! So it is really hard to say for sure.

Kind of have to test it out for yourself.

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it's the other thing vaporized dmt has in common with vaporized salvinorin-a... tolerance builds rapidly, and subsides rapidly.
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#5 Posted : 6/30/2009 3:17:13 AM

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would there be tolerance after one small dose?
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sorry i forgot it was one day tolerance?
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benzyme wrote:
it's the other thing vaporized dmt has in common with vaporized salvinorin-a... tolerance builds rapidly, and subsides rapidly.

I think this would be true when DMT is smoked. But when you go with I.V DMT, there is no change in how you inject. Smoking has a larger chance that you don't smoke your DMT the same way 30 min ago.

Tolerance buildup might be a simple matter of small altered smoking methods, how long you hold in smoke, and many other things that can be slightly altered. One must agree that there is a MUCH smaller chance in an altered method of injection, really only how fast you inject.

So maybe tolerance builds rapidly, and subsides rapidly. Or maybe it is just a mater of altered methods of smoking!

Feel free to correct me as always Very happy . Just my view on the matter.
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#8 Posted : 6/30/2009 3:34:55 PM
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I think that might hold true if there is no tolerance to IV DMT. Is there? I would imagine it's the same for smoked DMT, about 30 minutes.
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I have always been able to redose after I come down. Somteimes breaking through 4 and 5 times in a night.
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