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#1 Posted : 7/30/2008 10:05:29 PM

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This is a story I've got from a friend of mine who found it written on some kind of paper that was stuck between a door of a public toilet somewhere in south-africa.

"I was new to any psychedelic substance. I've smoked Salvia Divinorum but without success. I've always dreamt about the psychedelic trance and I've finally had luck with DMT. Not one of these breakthru experiences, but it still amazed me to take small steps into this new world of beauty.


Put ~20mg into the machine, toke after toke.....a buzzing feel inside of my body like every cell in my body vibrating in harmony. I close my eyes and see aztec like images. I'm inside a small tank with a dark fluorescent liquid, very thick. I see a stick making waves inside the tank. Next picture: A crystal staue under water with a rubin head, wearing a shimmering light blue dress floating around.


Prepared everything. Was looking foreward to it. Was in joy. Felt like I could handle anything. Wanted "nice colors". Worried about my headache. Worried about my pleasure. Only got a voice inside my head "This is not of our interest..this is not of our interest..this is..." over and over again. Couldn't stop it. Freaked out. Panicked.


100-150mg over a period of 45 minutes.
Shortly after my last experience, I've decided, that the world doesn't rotate around me and that there is no room for personal thrill. Experince is a gift and should be shared. I tried again..and this time it was amazing:

Looked down the carped and my mouth dropped to the floor, I was drooling...yep, I was drooling, wetting my pipe as I saw a beautiful arabesque pattern on the 3D. In fact, the room was filled with a clear liquid, 12 inches high and on top I saw this beautiful pattern floating on top as waves were passing thru the room. Loaded my pipe...took more...I was in awe....I ripped a huuuge hit and almost had to puke because of the pain.....another lighter was 20 feet below my pipe and it was hard to keep smoking. My hands looked like 100 years old, grizzly and glowing in a golden light....

I leaned back and noticed that the geometry of objects were distorted. Looked at the ceiling and the wooden paneles were glowing and if there was a spring on top of the room, rushing it's water over the wood.

Then I heard the door and I knew I had to leave the room immideatly. My brother came home. Unexpected. But this amused me somehow and I almost giggled as I was running downstairs, jumping on my bed and burrying my face in a pillow

With closed eyes I witnessed a phantasmogoria of metallic shimmering, rotating pieces of metal in a holographic quality . I was in that box, "tank" whatever and saw pices of metal only half an inch in depth resembling a human shape, like you'd find on restrooms. There was a whole line of them but each one was smaller than the previous one reaching to infinity.
At the right side of my vision, I saw some elliptic, holographic shapes, cubes, rotating in different directions. They were imprinted with strange insignia....I tried to remember the signs...but like mckenna said: "It's like gold melting thru your fingers" ....tiny dots where swirling around in the same a starship flying with warp speed...

It was so fresh, the same time almost kitschy..stereotypical psychedelic...all these colors ...detailed images...I couldn't have imagined these images to be THAT detailed!
I also couldn't keep my eyes away from fascinating watching the fireworks. Well, fireworks,,,what a lame substitute for the meshmerizing glory of crystal-candy shimmering godness.

And it still feels like just a tiny step into this world. I have no idea how far a breakthru really was. My guess would be: A good step away.(edit: To clarify: I did not mean that I was near a breakthru..wanted to state quite the opposite) I've heard them say that DMT is boring low dose. But not to me.

It can be so nice.

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nice report, i enjoyed reading it. interesting visions.
#3 Posted : 7/31/2008 3:12:18 PM
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can't wait untill i can take my first steps into the world of DMT, cool report.
#4 Posted : 8/2/2008 2:37:49 PM
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that was an excellent report, great descriptions could picture the scene perfectly. ill have to remember to close my eyes next time i smoke and not just stare round the room in awe. i think it may be sometime ill i get another chance tho.
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I'm glad you guys liked it! I found an email adress on the back of the paper so here is this south african guys response:

About closing the eyes: The first time I had no open eye visuals so I closed them to see if I have CEVs. That's what reminded me to close them during the 3D pattern thing. I can't really decide whats better! To see reality "distorted" is somehow magical but the pictures behind my closed eyelids were something else..very vivid, detailed, geometric...simply fascinating.

I've somehow stumbled upon a pattern that looks very similiar like the one floating above the carpet:

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I'm getting the chills. Just found the pattern I saw:

Shipibo woven cloth, whose design represents a sacred pattern derived from a cosmic anaconda whose skin embodies all possible designs. Shipibo shamans employ these patterns to reorder the bodies of persons who are sick.



I also want to add something to the description of my feelings while observing the 3D pattern:

It was like beeing in a cathedral, but without beeing intimidated by it's size.
Cool and clear, watery and grotto like at the same time. The wave was the most steady thing in the universe. Marmoreal ...marmounreal...marmorhypereal.

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Oh man, that image is the closest i've seen to the CEV's i've had - except that the centre of it was like a seething area of creation and those lines spiral out in all sorts of fractal-like ways (fractal is the closest way to describe it).

A brand new day is dawning
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A sign from the subconscious
An angel sent to guide me
The searching will be over
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So you too experienced the pattern of the "cosmic anaconda" ?
It's fascinating, isn't it? I really wonder how much culture secretly evolved around colorful visions of the peyote, ayahuasca, mushroom and diviners sage ...My guess would be: an awful lot.
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My friend from peru was traveling south-africa again and found this note in a purse, on the sidewalk!

"I decided to smoke DMT again. Despite my chronic pain of unknown origin. I first wanted to take some baby puffs but soon realized how wasteful this smoking method is. I filled my pipe again and again with elf dust as I tried to slip deeper and deeper into trance. It was very hard, because I don't have "leather lungs" and can only take very very small hits. I've learned that it's really important to get one good hit and as much complementary hits as possible. And to put in enough dust to make enough vaporize!!! I've previously burned the spice so I could get a few lungful out of a tiny amount...but it'S not the same!!

I'ts pretty hard to dose again after feeling the tryptamin rush and getting shaky. I've spilled some dust over a piece of paper ...too much as I thought but decided to put it all into my pipe...smoking 100mg over a period of half an hour, trying to obtain a strong experience.

After 20 minutes of hurting my lungs I finaly felt a slight tingle on my face - a good indicator that I'm moving in the right direction. The bong felt artificial to my, like a cold gun inside my mouth. At this point, I was deep enough in trance to not feel any pain...I was sucking...sucking....sucking...till I finally saw a pattern emerge.

I had the feeling to puke as I took more and I decided to lye ( Pleased ) down and close my eyes...then it started:

The pattern was swirling faster and faster counterclockwise. It was made of several neon-pink circles, slightly 3 dimensional each of them filled with tiny dots and squares. I was staring into this room and witnessed some kind of a thunderstorm. Neon-Pink Circles were fleshing brightly and a quiet sinus tone could be heard. For seconds I would see grey, dimly lit objects inside this room ...but they were fading as well as the room and the tone.

It wasn't nearly as spectacular as my first experiences. I'm pretty dissapointed that it's SO HARD to inhale enough. The pattern itself also wasn't very unique. I've seen nearly the same things on Salvia Divinorum (not as colorful and minus the bright neon-pink flashlight!)

Now my lungs hurt and it was hard to breath during the experience and afterwards. I wonder if this is normal or my asthma. "

#10 Posted : 5/24/2009 11:40:53 AM

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Changa is usually key in combating the harsh smoke of crystal.
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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, smokeydaze. An online friend told me that he's tried it , here is his report:

"I mixed what I thought was 20mg DMT with peppermint and Paul d'arco and melted the spice into he herb. Then, I proceeded to smoke it quickly in one or two hits. It was surprisingly easy to smoke, but the effect was minimal. So I went downstairs with wobbly knees and got my machine bong. I figured that there would be left over spice, so I thought it would be a good idea to compare the harshness of the smoke....

Then I got hit with quite a buzz. I just thought "That's not what I expected!". The trees behind the window I was starring at started to melt and to swirl. After it faded I took the rest of my leftover spice and starred at the carpet, just to be engulfed in streams of geometrical patterns. I soon developed a tunnel vision (no, I was not flying thru a tunnel) and saw only my feet and part of my knees. I felt like floating on this stream of patterns.

A thought was looping: "You can say everything you can say everything you can say everything you want"

I also noticed, that there was a motherly "thought energy" involved. Consider a young boy drinking ver hastly, a cold glass of sweet milk after a long and hot day playing soccer. The mother says: "Well..You can't get enough....can't you" in a loving way. That's the energy I was feeling as I decided to take another hit. This thought seemed to be a bit amused about my behaviour but talked in a very caring way.

Things I've learned:

1. I can say everything I want
2. Surprising things do happen
3. Changa feels somehow...a bit "muffled" and doesn't act as fast as the pure stuff...
4.You can feel pain during the rush, and you're muscles can tighten up
5. There's a calm space after the initial rush
6. Smoking sucks. It hurts.

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