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TiHKAL wrote:
Thought I'd contribute to this thread instead of opening a new one.

After my second successful extraction I decided to have an experiment.
DMT #1 was extremely pure white and recrystallized from the first pull using low heat.
DMT #2 was yellow without recrystallization from the fifth pull using 50° Naphta.

Three subjects were tested, five days in a row using 2 ceramic stones with 25mg on each.
All three subjects have experienced 50-100 trips.
The subject was free to choose the stone without being told which DMT it was infused with.

The results were rather clear:
The subjects were almost never certain when giving the answer what kind of DMT they smoked and had to guess.
The percentage of guessing the right DMT sample were at 65% which lead me to the conclusion that there is no difference, since 65% is too close to the 50% chance.

Next time I'll follow the protocol so the results will be applicable to your chart endlessness but haven't seen the thread before so I just did it this way.

There indeed is no difference. For those interested, the relevant statistical test to testi significance is the Chi-square which, when performed gives a P=0.2125 (two tailed, 1 degree of freedom).

Very useful report nevertheless!

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I have been trying to organize a double-blind study like this using purified DMT and DMT/NMT "goo" extracted from Acacia confusa. My biggest problem thus far has been finding volunteers in my area who are trustworthy, and who are also willing to dose DMT multiple times within a relatively short time-frame. Twisted Evil

I haven't had a whole lot of luck so far, but I hope to get this organized and completed some time this year.
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Bumping this thread because I'd like to expand the blind test protocol to also oral usage of plants vs purified alkaloids, and not just dmt-containing plants.

Say one wanted to compare purified mescaline vs cactus brew.. One could:

1- Brew cactus, divide resulting tea in half
2- Extract/purify mescaline from half of that brew, to know yield/potency of tea
3- Redissolve purified mescaline in a known amount in water and mix it with something that imitates the consistency/taste of cactus brew (How??? With what?? Ideas??? ), and then separate a quantity of tea that is calculated to have the same amount of mescaline based on yield from the extraction of the other half.
4- Follow blind test protocol from original post (adapted to oral use) by asking someone to label with a code the the two batches (full-spectrum tea vs redisolved mesc) so the participant isn't aware, then consume them on different ocasions and answer a certain standardized experience questionnaire

So how can we imitate the cactus consistency/taste when just redissolving mescaline ?

Anybody else interested in testing these things for the sake of science?
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