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#1 Posted : 12/11/2010 5:53:47 PM

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Fox 30 News - Nutmeg making a comeback
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No way do people snort fresh ground nutmeg right??? That's crazy if not impossible I would think.
#3 Posted : 12/11/2010 6:04:23 PM

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I don't know if people actually snort it, but there is a thread here on the nexus that gives some more input on nutmeg.
Nutmeg - The Worst Hallucinogen Ever?
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Its good to see "the media" is focusing on things which will never be illegalized.
#5 Posted : 12/11/2010 8:39:26 PM
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Nutmeg is devastating neighborhoods worldwide, teens abuse it for an addictive high which will end the universe if not stopped! Could this be the dreaded "new meth" we've been hearing so much about?Surprised Shocked

haha but actually; at least this article makes some good out of it.
"They take everything away, we've got to start doing stupider stuff. It's a person's right to do what they want with their body," Mike Etheredge said."
Brings a good point I think, when we start banning things which show minimal harm risk, we only open the doors to having to settle for whatevers available. It should be obvious by now, PEOPLE LIKE TO GET HIGH. Can't everyone just get used to it?
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