White spice vs. orange/yellow spice Options
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Does all of the jungle spice dissolve in acetone?

Is there anyone who feels that yellow spice is slightly harsher for the lungs than white spice?

And what's the difference between DMT that's pulled out as yellow and DMT that has become yellow after being in the open air(oxidized)?

Just some thoughts...

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olympus mon wrote:
DeMenTed wrote:
It kind of goes "bing bong bing bong" with a kinda portamento feeling to it,my best explanation lol

this link is almost exactly what i hear when launching. my sound starts at 43 seconds but they are all cool. when i found this it gave me goose bumps and really got me wondering if somehow the audible sounds on dmt are not coming from the cosmos and for some reason we can hear them while under dmt.

check it here. remember 43 sec

I just listened to that sound. Almost verbatim what I hear when I breakthrough. A very watery/electric sound. Nice find! I ended up with goose bumps too!
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