Pictorial Guide to Caapi Vine Alkaloid Extraction Options
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I did this tek with a few tweaks and got some very strange results. I did a combination of Endless's Harmala Extraction Tek and this one. I used 112 gram of Caapi vine. The tweaks I made were as follows:
- powdered the vine
- filtered the boiled reduction with a cotton stuffed funnel to remove excess plant material
- used sodium carbonate (Na₂CO₃) as a base because its less toxic
- dissolved alkaloids with hot 1:3 vinegar/water
- rather than decanting, I used a coffee filter to speed up the separation of alkaloids from base solution, and then insolubles from the acid solution.
-i let base solutions settle in fridge overnight at each step, so at no point did it appear that there wasn't a sufficient amount of freebase forming.

So throughout the process the alkaloids were crashing nicely. The biggest issue I had with this though was the carbon dioxide foam reaction that would form when basifying the acid. I would have to scoop out the foam until the solution was finally neutral and stopped reacting, and then i would add Na₂CO₃ until it was fully saturated and the color of the solution stopped changing (as it is done the Endless's Tek). The first time I did this step, I didn't save the foam and dumped it. The second time though I decided to keep it and shook it in a jar with water, added more Na₂CO₃ then let it settle in the fridge. To my surprise it did take a lot of alkaloids with it.

I finished the tek with the foam alkaloids separate from the main batch and the results were very different. The foam produced a lighter brown freebase like they did in this teks pictures, and confirmed its potency by vaporizing it. Unfortunately this only produced about 150mg of freebase. The main batch produced 2 grams of a darker brown and heavier freebase, even after washing until the water it was suspended in was clear. When I vaporized it there were very little effects, and it left behind a hard creosote like material and not a light ash like it shoukd have.

I don't know what the final product is that was produced from the main batch, but it was inferior compared to what was recovered from the foam reaction. I do not recommend using sodium carbonate for this tek, and I will be using lye next time hopefully with more consistent results.
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