how can swim get his spice to be pretty crystals? Options
#21 Posted : 11/7/2008 6:16:06 PM

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69ron wrote:
SWIM just got an MR-138! He couldn't resist the temptation to get oneSmile

It looks a lot nicer than in the pictures. The lighted buttons are so cool looking. The fact that you can turn on the internal light from outside the cooler/heater to see inside easily without opening the door is quite nice.

It seems well made even though it’s made mostly of plastic.

Its being tested right now. It was set to 39 F (3.8 C). In 30 minutes it cooled down from 75 F (23.8 C) to 59 F (15.0 C), after a few more hours its down to 43 F (6.1 C). It seems to be steady at 43 F (6.1 C). You can hear the fan in it. That’s the only downside. So you don’t want it in the bedroom, that’s for sure.

This is a great new lab tool to play around with.

SWIM is excited to do some crystallization tests with this cool new environmental science toySmile

You can also use this to force certain difficult to fruit mushrooms to fruit because you can set the temperature to the exact fruiting temperature range instead of just putting them in the frig (which often doesn’t work for some picky species). Hmmm…

SWIM has lots of scientific experiments planned for this environmental science toy.

SWIM only wishes the readout could be set to C or F. But it’s only F.

EDIT: the following morning it was down to 39 F (3.8 C). This is the perfect temperature for storing most pharmaceuticals (0 C and below is normally not recommended).

Now that you've used it... any pictures of the results? Did it produce large crystals as hoped? How long did the whole process take before you were happy with what was in there?
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The MR138 looks like a pretty cool device, but guess what the unit is not being sold in Europe. Does anyone know an online shop that will ship to Europe?
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