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#1 Posted : 5/30/2008 8:38:40 AM
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so tonight was my first experience with dmt.
i did an stb on .5 lb of bark this afternoon.
everything went perfect.

me and a friend were chilling in a car on a forest road.
it was raining so we stayed in the car, i wanted to try this stuff rain or sun.
i hit it first, and was sent into what i can only describe as an intense shroom (mushrooms being the only psyc for me thus far) trip under 4 minutes.
my body was even higher though.
needles tickled every of my pores.
i could no longer feel my body, unless i focused on it.(moving, touching things)
head-wise it was like peaking and coming down on shrooms within minutes.

i had come down and my buddy was wanting his turn.
he takes his 2 hits, and turns on Mozart in his headphones.
i waited 5 minutes until he was talking again.
Neither of us took enough smoke in to get a strong trip.
so not even 5 minutes after my friends first sign of life after inhaling, a car heads in our direction.
perfect they are driving straight at us in a raining deserted parking lot in the woods.
i wonder who this will be?

sure enough its the Police.
we had the pipe on the dashboard, in clear view from his car.
i confessed to the weed in the pipe, and my friends bag. (both of us had hit the dmt not even 15 minutes before)
i confessed quite readily, actually he only asked what we were up to tonight.
he was nice about it and only made us smash the pipe and dump the weed.
and made me call for a ride, since i was obviously under the influence.

so overall i had a great experience with dmt.

ps. I will remember you, pipe.
This post is fictional.

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#2 Posted : 5/30/2008 2:41:07 PM
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Daamnn! Good thing they didn't find the DMT! I bet they woulda instantly said it was meth or suttin....not that them knowing it was DMT woulda been any better for you.
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