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Apoc wrote:
gibran2 wrote:
Sometimes it’s interesting, but it gets tiring. People ask questions like “Are entities real?” or “Is hyperspace real?” And then there’s endless, sometimes heated debate. What I suggest is that understanding the reality of DMT experiences is like understanding breakthroughs: once you experience a “reality-confirming” DMT experience, you KNOW it’s real.

Oh, is that what people are talking about when they refer to entities or elves? In that case, I have experienced an "elf".... although I would never call it an elf. I always thought people refer to elves or entities merely referring to the life like creatures they see in (usually lower level) dmt experiences. To me, those were always clearly dream like images, there was little question whether they were "real"..... but the "reality confirming" experience you talk about is something else entirely.

That mother fucker is the alpha and the omega. There is nothing beyond it (it seems). It's not a vision or a "hallucination", it becomes all of reality and you remember it is the only reality you have ever known. In that state, any question you have about reality is absurd. There is only THAT. For me, this is the farthest you can go on dmt, or anywhere. There is no going further because there is nothing else, and you can see that when you're there.

That thing is so powerful, yet so subtle and easy to forget. I've obviously "forgotten" it because I'm here typing this. I wouldn't be able to do this if I was in that hyper reality, I only have a vague sense of that all powerful thing. I actually sort of forgot about that guy after my first big dose trip. Then in my second trip, I went back to his realm, and I was like, "oh shit!! why the fuck did I come back here?" and he was like, "yeah, bitch, remember me, dumbass? What do you think you're doing coming back so soon? How could you have forgotten already?" The message I get from "God" is IT is all there is and ever was, and ever will be. Everything that has ever happened has transpired according to ITS design. My whole life from start to finish is IT, and everything I experience is only something that it allows me to see. And then you go back to that realm and remember your true nature, and you're like....... "oh my God..... I remember.... that's who I am??? THAT!? THAT?!??!?!!!! That cold mechanical alien mother fucker? That's God? That's me? I don't want that. That's hell!.... but it's going to last forever, and there is no escape, ever." And seemingly the only reason I am here is for it to experience embodiment and the limitation of being finite..... it wants to experience all levels of existence.

The encounter with that entity destroys everything you can possibly think you know. Then back here in the "real world" people ask if the alien entities are real or not.... but when you're there, it's not just real, it's ALL THAT IS. And here I was studying enlightenment teachers, who talk about a void and your true nature being no identity, an emptiness. Then I encounter this all powerful thing and it throws all that void talk down the toilet, and I'm like, "oh my God... the enlightened teachers were bullshitting me the whole time!". This ain't no void, this is right in your face all poewrful superintellegence. It does seem like an alien, it does seem like an entity. But the teachers weren't necessarily bullshitting... there's just no words to describe what I speak of.

I believe the thing I am talking about is the same thing that Gibran is talking about, and the same thing that skinwalker is talking about in this dmt hell thread and I believe it's the same thing that this woman encountered in her "cosmic diamond cat" experience

But..... there's nothing I can do about it as long as I'm here in this state of reality. Whether I believe in that entity or not, the truths of this reality will still be the same. That superintelliegence seems to give me the same message that guys like Adyashanti are giving.... that is.... you are not in control of the universe, or what arises in you life. Just accept what is. And that all powerful alien is just another thing to accept and have understanding for. The experience of that all powerful alien just confirms the idea that I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this universe, and I will never know, and I have no control over any of it. It is so utterly mysterious, and the only power it seems I have is to either accept what I experience, or not... so I better just go with the flow.

Just when I thought I had things figured out with the void, and "the watcher", or whatever, I come across Mr. Fractal Alien Super God and find it's playing me like a puppet. Suddenly, regular boring unenlightened life seemed like such a gift compared to this hell that was my true nature. That's why in my first trip I broke down crying for my mother, and wanted regular life back, and I prayed to forget everything I knew. I also threw away my dmt after my encounter with this "entity" because it was like all of reality was a joke, why the hell would I take dmt again? Might as well go back to my regular life and appreciate the fuck out of it while it lasts, because death might be a nightmare. However, once you get back to regular life, you integrate, and realize that encountering that all powerful thing was just your next step. You've just discovered a whole new world to explore, you don't want to avoid it and be afraid of it forever. It doesn't have to be a scary thing... it's just the next thing in this utterly mysterious adventurous life. And oh yes, I still appreciate the fuck out of my regular life too. But there are many adventures to be had in this life, and more to explore than I ever thought.

Mr. Fractal Alien Super God, the vast powerful alien, can it love? Is it cruel? How could you see it be all of reality if you were still observing it? I have an idea of what you saw, what color was it?

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spacexplorer wrote:
Mr. Fractal Alien Super God, the vast powerful alien, can it love? Is it cruel? How could you see it be all of reality if you were still observing it? I have an idea of what you saw, what color was it?

Ok. You got me interested.Big grin So what is your take on what he saw?
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