Lady Salvia and the spice Options
#1 Posted : 4/24/2008 7:50:47 AM

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Has anyone had any success with this?

I've had two experiences where I attempted this. The first was only a flirtation, the second, unsuccessful.

First trip, I stuck a little jungle spice at the bottom of a very large bowlful of salvia.
I went to my favorite spot outside (at night) and proceed to puff away until I felt the lady arrive.
When she did, I took another last big hit, and I felt a pull upwards and a truly cosmic divinity within me and everything around me. There was a glow above the trees around me and the glow stretched upwards, and I felt the presence of the moon above me (it was unavoidable and really fucking bright), blasting me with it's silvery light. I looked up at it and within the glare was a black "gate" opening up, I went towards the gate but there wasn't enough jungle spice in the pipe to get me through the gate. I cruised and enjoyed this space for what seemed like a really long time. When I came too I took a walk until the post-salvia stoneyness wore down.

The second time, I loaded up two bowls of salvia, the second with 65mg of the spice.
I was ready for a real synergistic adventure.
I was expecting lady salvia to help me travel into hyperspace.
She did not.
When I got done with the first pipe the salvia was running strong, so strong that I became almost paralyzed. I could barely get a hit off the second bowl. A chanting came into my mind.
The most awful chanting you could imagine, like something they sing to you while you are being tortured in the bowels of hell, like the worst pop song stuck in your mind times ten.
It felt like I was being mocked. I felt like someone was hiding behind my lights and throwing things at me. Did I mention I felt paralyzed?
When it wore off there was an orange cricket walking around on my chest...


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#2 Posted : 4/24/2008 8:54:36 AM

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You got some balls.

She may have fucked with you cause she don't wanna mix with the DMT after the first contact or something.

The mocked thing I dig, cause of a similar experience, the way I finally understood was awarness is a tunnle we must pull ourselves up and out with, while an audience mocks and cheers us onward toward the end of the tunnle where we can finally emerge fully aware.

But anyway.

Sounds like you had a really amazing time with your experience, and should count yourself lucky to be amongst the few to mix these delicacies of the perception world.
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