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Is there 5-MeO-DMT in Diplopterys Cabrerana / Chaliponga ? Options
#121 Posted : 10/20/2012 1:00:29 AM

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Hmm what did you do for each step? I def ended up with clear yellowish amber oily crystals, not a black goo..

It def feels like a tryptamine but has a stimulant edge that is unlike DMT and lacks the complex geometric visions, at this dose anyway..what I got what colors that are already there were enhanced etc..and it felt extremely mind expanding..music sounded much wider and more intense. Lots of euphoria but also it put me on edge due to the mental expansion aspect and stimulation.

It is not something I would use for visions..I could see it being more useful for exploring ESP or synesthesia or something like that.

I took maybe 5 or 6 mg's sublingual 2 days ago as well and it definatly worked. It was very similar to smoking it only more mild. The same stimulation and mental expansion with a hint of anxiety present throughout the peak. There was also a feeling of epicness to it, if that makes any sense..
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#122 Posted : 10/20/2012 1:35:16 AM

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Hmm what did you do for each step? I def ended up with clear yellowish amber oily crystals, not a black goo..

Your tek is fine and I'm sure that it was purely operator error on my part as to why I got black goo. My flaw was basifying an IPA extract of chaliponga instead of just straight basifying the leaves.

The goo part definitely inhibited the vaporizing process so I will try again.

I definitely agree that it might have other ESP style uses besides visuals...

after playing some guitar on it and then walking around the neighborhood a bit I could see how it might be comparable to molly in certain ways except for the panic aspect..

Although it does feel like the panic aspect could be tamed with some continual work.
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#123 Posted : 4/2/2017 2:28:59 PM
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Sorry to bump such an old thread.

But does anybody know any further knowledge about this topic?
E.g. has there ever been made a blind test?
Have other substances been found/identified?
Would the DMT-N-Oxide have shown in the GC/MS?
Otherwise one could speculate this being the culprit.
I claim not that this is the truth. As this is just what got manifested into my mind at the current position in time on this physical plane. So please feel not offended by anything I say.
#124 Posted : 11/22/2017 11:54:59 PM

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Aum_Shanti wrote:
Sorry to bump such an old thread.

Same here Pleased

Aum_Shanti wrote:
E.g. has there ever been made a blind test?

I don't know if this counts as a blind test, but just an anecdotal story from me:

For me Chaliponga is very distinct from Chacruna. The first stage is much like Chacruna - visual etc., but then comes the 2nd stage, which is very different. It's not visual, but more psychological, existential, often solipsist (makes me feel I'm the only person in the Universe and everything else is a product of my mind) and instils the feeling of dealing with something very sacred. It's more likely to produce intense fear. It's also very euphoric and can be stimulating. I like to take it at daytime on day-long nature hikes, as opposed to Chacruna, which I like to drink at night in the dark. In the 2nd stage I can be surrounded by people and pass as normal, while tripping my brains out without anyone noticing. Even in the midst of an intense experience I'm able to switch my mind to focus on the surrounding reality to deal with an immediate issue if needed. Chaliponga also lasts much longer, comes in waves and responds to food (e.g. it may not come on fully until I eat something). The strongest wave may not come on until 3 hours in.

Earlier this year I made a batch of Ayahuasca with old leaves (purchased some 3 years prior) that were labeled as Chaliponga. After testing the tea I realized it was fairly weak and I needed unusually high an amount to feel the effects - in the area of 25-30g, in contrast to the 3g that had worked well for me with a famous strain known as #8. Also the color and taste were unlike the strain of Chali I had worked with just before this one. This led me to suspect it was in fact Chacruna, labeled as Chaliponga by mistake. However, when I did drink enough, the effects were very profound and unlike Chacruna. Which again brought me to suspect it might be a weak strain of Chali... or a weird, long acting and wavey strain of Chacruna.

One time I shared this tea with a friend. As I wasn't even sure myself what plant it was (and was leaning towards Chacruna) I didn't tell him anything about its labeling and my uncertainty around it. He wasn't very experienced and it probably wouldn't have made a difference to him anyway. He had drunk Ayahuasca 3 times before, none in the previous 9 months, and in all 3 instances it was tea made with Chacruna.

After the experience he remarked on how long it lasted and that it came in waves. He also said his experience was very emotional, but not in the least bit visual.
I don't think he'd have recognized the taste as different from Chacruna, given his relative lack of experience, and the fact Chaliponga's taste doesn't differ from Chacruna's as much as it does from Mimosa's. And even then he'd have had no expectations that it would / should have been different, let alone different in these specific ways that many other drinkers have also observed.

I took this unintentional 'blind test' as a confirmation it was Chaliponga indeed. And a week strain at that... He drank 60 grams of it that day! when I drank 40 or so.
#125 Posted : 11/23/2017 12:21:33 PM

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The leafs tell what you have, chali is a much stronger leaf.

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#126 Posted : 10/26/2020 9:22:42 PM

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Yes, IME chaliponga has unique characteristics some of which are in line with the effects of 5 MeO DMT.

Chaliponga is darker in visions and energy, taking longer to come, coming in more pronounced waves, and lasting longer. More mentally challenging. More wild in all aspects, including giving more visions of wild animals. Eyes open, one experiences hyper depth/3D perception (jaguar vision!) More somatic/bodily. Also more of a trickster and more confusing. And more cold and alien. Very deep, could be considered the deepest of the well known light plants. Sometimes it feels like it is just digging into your subconscious, through all the messy karma and wounds that you pushed deep down.

I have probably around 200 experiences with rue and chali.

A lot of people are reporting the same characteristics.

Finally, we have to admit there are aspects of tryptamine bearing plants which contribute to the overall psychoactivity which we don't understand yet. This is very exciting.

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