What's the black stuff and is SWIM's orange gunk smokeable? Options
#1 Posted : 4/3/2008 8:15:01 PM
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Hi guys, a while ago SWIM extracted some DMT from MHRB using Noman's tek and freeze precipitation.

He has been merrily smoking his product (which was white and fluffy and generally fine to smoke) bit by bit. He's yet to 'breakthrough' but has had some excellent threshold experiences. He reckons the reason he hasn't broken through is down to the small size of his crack pipe, so he's buying a vap for when he extracts some more.

His question is this: what is the black stuff burnt onto the bowl of his pipe? Is that a sign of impurities or is it just burnt product? Could this also be a sign of poor vaporizing technique? Is this black stuff smokeable and will it affect future doses if he doesn't buy a vaporiser before next tripping.

Secondly. He evaporated the rest of his naphtha and was left with sticky orange gunk in the baking tray. Is it worth smoking this or is it contaminated? It doesn't really smell of anything, certainly not the unmistakable smell of his white stuff. SWIM was probably not gonna smoke it on balance, coz of how far it is from his fluffy white product.

SWIM passes on his thanks for any pointers Smile

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#2 Posted : 4/3/2008 10:24:46 PM

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the black stuff is probably burnt DMT and that would also be the reason for no breakthrough whick all comes down to smoking /vape technique as for the orange stuff smoke it and give a report
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#3 Posted : 4/3/2008 11:47:40 PM

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Funny that you started a topic just when my friend told me that the black stuff was interresting.
In his opinion, black remaining product is a mix of (burned) DMT and jungle spice (whatever it is).
He guessed it because last day, there was almost no DMT remaining in the pipe but he wanted one more toke and was too lazy to fill it again. So he smoked that black stuff which required a bit more heating than DMT. To his great surprise, some nice CE visuals happened, very different from the DMT visuals and the "taste" was the SAME than what he tasted when smoking dark brown stuff extracted with xylene.
So he guess the following : even when DMT is quite white there is some "jungle DMT" in it. That JDMT does not evaporate at the same low temp than DMT and is concentrating in the pipe which is loaded and loaded again. After many uses, there is enough JDMT in the pipe to be noticeable.

He can't speak for the orange stuff as he never see it, only dark brown wax.

Burnt DMT was never saw as a problem for achieving a breakthrough.
#4 Posted : 4/4/2008 4:08:46 AM

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There are a couple of chemicals in M hostilis, specifically 3-methylindole and indole-3-acetic acid, which both are white crystalline materials that oxidize to form brown degradation products... maybe this is a significant piece in the jungle spice puzzle?
#5 Posted : 4/9/2008 8:52:59 AM
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Swim finds the burnt yellow/black shit to be just as effective as breaking through with. plus its easier to work with (no need worrying about sucking down spice by mistake)
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