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#1 Posted : 5/12/2010 10:38:59 PM
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So around the amazone, sometimes shiric sanango, a plant that contains ibogaine is used as an admixture in ayahuasca brews.
I'm bafled and intruiged by this knowledge.
Isn't it risky to combine ibogaine with
MAOI's and isn't ibogaine known to immensely amplify the effects of other substances?
It must be very small amounts of ibogaine they use.

I'm interested in the views of people who have experience with ibogaine. Do they think it could be a valuable combination? Or would they disrecomend even trying it?

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wholy! I have been trying to remember the name of this plant for ages! searches and everything trying to remember it so I could look into it! thanks polytrip!

I need to look into this more now.
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I wouldn't try it, but I do admit to know little about it.

I've had one experience with iboga which was only mild compared to what I have heard from others, but I think what one can experience from iboga alone is enough. I can see no reason to intensify the peak or the length of the iboga trip with any substances as it seems to do the job more than efficently on its own.
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In Guyana, there have been two plants related to iboga that has been identified according to Iboga: The Visionary Root of African Shamanism. Sounded familiar so perhaps these are the plants you have heard of fractal?

tabernaemontana albiflora
tabernaemontana angulata

Whether or not these have been used in ayahuasca admixtures is new information to me but otherwise have always been told to keep SSRI type meds away from MAOI's. However, RIMA are relatively safe compounds. As though harmaline and ibogaine are structurally identical, the physical 'observed' anti-addictive properties will have been inversed in the NMDA channel by both chemicals. As though ibogaine itself binds to all receptor sites, it would definitely not be wise to mix the two to flood the body, metabolism will increase heart rate, blood pressure rise, and so forth..

Never had a personal relationship with iboga but otherwise would be interesting to hear some more about the mixture of ayahuasca and ibogaine. The amounts of ibogaine in these two plants are minute compared to what is found in tabernanthe iboga so if it they are used in a ceremony I would imagine that a very small amounts would be used as well.
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There is inconsistent information regarding Shiric sanango.

The admixture plant which contains ibogaine is Tabernaemontana sananho. It seems this plant is referred to in various places as both Shiric Sanango and Uchu Sanango.

In some places Shiric sanango is used to refer to Brunfelsia grandiflora which contains scopoletin.

Both species are commonly used as ayahuasca admixtures.

Just wanted to clear that up.

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