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Just some observations made by two different investigators of the same batch(s).

Recently Re-X'd to yield significantly less (EDIT:In quantity) pure white spice and then regathered for some (EDIT:Additional) *very* yellow stained almost translucent xstal. Before it was a lighter opaque almost salt looking xstaline mass.

With the opaque mix there was always a "presence" felt even with very small sub dosages. My experiences were heavily "grey" (though I wonder if they wouldn't have been called elves by another, as they did seem somewhat mischievous with their wry little grins) influenced. Another reported "light beings", "strange suited man", and even....."Rumpelstiltskin on a bicycle" or something fairly cherubim-esche being made of golden spinning wheels.

After purification was made the pure white has been noted to lack these presences. This is after 2 pure base dosages and one changa.

Now it may just be the reduced "potency" from the non oxide, though the experience has been a great deal less...intimidating since the separation, there does seem to be some correlation to the "presences" and the "impurities".

Again this is admitting only using 15-20 mg dosages pure base and 10-15 mg changa (I was a little worried about just how much it would be potentiated...BTW not terribly so and with a "smoother" onset so it was very nice for what it was)

I was just wondering if anyone else had this same perception, and also as a sort of recommendation to those *seeking* entities but not finding them to try adding a little oxide/jungle to their mix.

It has reduced my pre-flight jitters a bit not having them waiting....and the changa seems like I could just load up a full bowl and puff into a comfort zone which is very nice vs. the str8-base hit-bam-your in for whatever ride.

I realized too many FPS video games before travel day might not be a good idea...could've sucked with a full load.

(BTW I broke from "norm" ratio of 1:1 and went 3:1 to fatten up my smoke...makes for what seems like would make a good "social" changa...I have a few old and experienced friends I've introduced to and enjoy spice with, it was just weird to have the "one-at-a-time" kind of situation str8-base presented...with this we could load a hefty bowl and make a circle pass it seems like...haven't tried yet. Planning to load a 40mg bowl and see what happens if I try to one toke it...or two...worst case with that dosage I breakthrough, but the way it burns I think it can be "stalled"Pleased

Just thought I'd throw a little of it out there.

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syn wrote:
I realized too many FPS video games before travel day might not be a good idea...could've sucked with a full load.

certainly ayahuasceros would agree with you there. Im glad you realised this too. It'd be stupid to rid yourself of all electronics - the material life is equally important as the spiritual life but, oh boy, it sure is tempting...

Its interesting that you've noticed the lack of a certain element with the pure white spice, some members have reported that too;
I have some very pure, almost white xtals at the moment which have been giving good results; probably the purest DMT SWIM has ever extracted. SWIM intends to go purer though Very happy


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Ok....completely rebuking my previous statement....I was just babying it too much I suppose.

Equivalent 25mg spice infused 3:1 Caapi good soild hit and the "grays" were breaking through again. I starting to think they are not "grays"'s what everyone else calls the elves...And I got a good taste of the uncomfortable sense of humor McKenna spoke of.

The *most* unsettling part was the tactile hallucination aspect of it. One them squirted something in my eye...I ***felt*** it and flinched....they thought it was very funny....another one stuck something in my ear...again I ***felt** it and tried to bat it away.

Beyond the fact that they were having this physical effect and that bothering me, it was also uncomfortable in that they seemed to be cruelly just "F-ing" with me. I was ready for it to be over at that point, fortunately it was at the point where I could "sort-of" block them out...they were still there and could get "between the layers" occasionally.

Trying to integrate the experience I'm coming to a few conclusions. What I perceived as just being cruelly toyed the bunny having shampoo squirted in it's eye to test it's level of irritation (basically what it felt like)...may have been just them showing me what they could in "Look!...We've made you able to FEEL us/this place."

I have to say that I asked for it....I've stated that I couldn't feel what they were I guess they are "fixing" that...not sure I'm happy about that one...And as far as the ear probe...this is the first time I could hear them, though it was still rather distant....the carrier wave and music I was able to and have been able to hear...just not "them".

When I was first coming out I was very "done with it" I'm not sure....just think it might be a while. There are some more personal revelations I won't go in to but they held merit in integration as well.

I also had more of a "body awareness" this time....not just a blob with eyes as I have felt before...maybe a bit of locomotive ability but being surrounded and "picked-on" by the mean midget elves I didn't get far...and there seemed like more of a ship or space beyond a single room....maybe even just outside the ship....still...not confined to the "ER".

Would really appreciate feedback as far as the just being mean/just their sense of humor debate.
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