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i'm sorry to open up an extra thread for such a noobish question, but here it comes:

I ordered THH from Flowing visions,
the text sais: 1 dropper contains 100 mg THH (1 ml)

below it sais to take 20 drops to make "UV paint".

Now, how much should I use?

I normally took 3 droppers, which should be around 35-40 drops.

I wished i knew how much equals 1 drop!

For a mao inhibition i need how much mg THH exactly? I think it was 150-200 right?

Hope somebody has some experience with this product.


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Mr_DMT wrote:
I normally took 3 droppers, which should be around 35-40 drops.

I wished i knew how much equals 1 drop!

If 3 droppers really are 35-40 drops, one dropper is 11-14 drops. As one dropper contains 100 mg THH, that means one drop should contain 7-9 mg of THH.

For total MAO-A inhibition, no more than 1.5 mg of harmala-alkaloids extracted from Syrian Rue per body kilo is needed. THH is much less stronger than harmaline and harmine when it comes to MAO inhibition, so you would need a lot more than this.

I found this quote from 69ron from back in '08 on another forum: "A while back SWIM found that 200 mg of tetrahydroharmine is able to orally activate DMT on it's own. Some others have found 150 mg to work."
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~3.5mg per drop.
100mg per dropper.
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Would sublingual use be a good alternative choice to reduce to amount needed by 5X?
Meaning 40-50 instead of 200 or so?...
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