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Hyperspace Cowboy
A work of pure fiction


So there he was, hurling through hyperspace toward a warm and shivering stop on a couch somewhere in a movie town near you. Enlightened, he entered the warm night that was as new to him as the cigarette he was lighting despite the words “you never need to smoke a cigarette again” he had heard clear as his own footsteps.

“What the hell was that?” he thought. “It” had been everything. All the love he never knew existed.
A silent hum surrounded him surrounded him on the drive; his first reentry into the outside world since first tickling the edges of hyperspace. “Nothing will ever be the same for me,” he thought. “And that’s alright by me.”

The following days were spent piecing it all together in a cohesive recollection. Time changed. It went exceedingly fast now. Maybe it was age but damn this was ridiculous. Days passed with ease and he slept every night on what had happened. It became hard to focus. An overwhelming happiness flowed through him to the people around him. But a restless call to return permeated every moment of every day that rushed by in a haze of “huh” “this isn’t real” and “where did the day go?” But beneath it all, land legs that had been cut at the knees in recent years grew back stronger than ever.

He put on his best suit with a new red shirt and skinny black tie to match and didn’t comb his hair all day before he went out into the night. Girls who once scared the piss out of him now fell easily into conversation with him as he allowed himself to accept he had no ego, no fear of death and that love was all around.

Life had returned to glorious squared times infinity.

“Everything you ever worried about doesn’t matter.”

The words rolled gently over my mind every moment of every day in both thought and action. People who once nicknamed me “The Black Cloud” because of a never ending sadness over the loss of someone I loved more than any other now flocked to me with love, affection, and great laughter. The last vestige of that sadness, which had since lifted for the most part, was now burnt away by an ancient infinite love and the knowledge that everything here is a wonderful illusion, a joyous ride I can guide in any way I see fit.

“If I can think it, it will occur”, he thought, “from now to eternity.”


kid_eternity: So I got this invitation to see a group known as the L.O.V.E. Brigade; The League of Visionary Explorers. Art Van D’lay, a founding member along with his friend and now mine, Antocles, had invited me to come and sit in the captain’s chair and experience the ride at their headquarters. Having been first exposed to the spice’s existence by Mr. Van D'lay, I was excited to meet with him.

Pause. Sips from a glass of alkalized water.

kid_eternity: I felt pretty good about the whole thing and invited my guide along to be there for me as, you know, a guide. Something about the first time made his presence just seem right. I arrived and strangely knew just where to go and soon was met warmly by Art and Ant. We talked spice and life and spice again and what it meant to share something this wonderful. A secret few knew. However, my guide, had not arrived and I was getting anxious. So I texted him to make sure he was ok and lo and behold “I’m at the door” pops up on my phone.

Interviewer: So you’d tried 50 mg of spice administered through a glass water bong before? What method did you use the second time?

Kid_eternity: (pause. Sips alkalized water.) Ummm . . .the vaporgenie? Its this little glass pipe thing and_____

Interviewer: Yes, we’re familiar with it.

Kid_eternity: Yeah so. We used that with a spice infused change and spice on top. But I had a problem. There I was, sitting in the captain’s chair. All set to go, you know? But I had that ‘three deep lungfulls' thing in my brain. The first time I got like 1 and half to two, if that, before I was gone daddy gone. The change over to the geometric shapes and that monkey skull figure I saw and realizing or thinking that ‘Here I am essentially asking for death and this fucker just gave it to me. Ain’t that a bitch?’ was all too much to ask for again. I was nervous.

Interviewer: So did you get the three lungfulls?

Kid_eternity: Sadly no. I got like two again apparently. I had set up this sleep mask on my head that Art loaned me. It was made by Lewis and Clark so I figured that was a good omen. In any case, I got two in, felt that overwhelming sense of liftoff and pulled the mask over my eyes and lay back.

Interviewer: What happened next?

Kid_eternity: I don’t know. They told me I was talking a lot. And clearly. ‘Show me more.” “Thank you.” “Yes. Show me more.”

Interviewer: Really? What did you want to see more of?

Kid_eternity: I couldn’t tell you. I know I felt the love. Especially when I began to return. But other than a neon looking city structure that I saw from afar that had some sort of Buddha head or Buddha-like feel to it, I don’t recall a thing other than a feeling of being launched into the center of the universe but never quite reaching that destination.

Interviewer: I see.

Kid_eternity: Yeah. It was a bit of an anti-climatic trip. Cool to meet the members and bring this little team of explorers two new members. But overall, I thought to myself “Man, you really need those extra lungfulls."

coming soon: Chapter III: happyrebirthday

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Fuckin' A, friend.

What I wouldn't give for a little rendevous with your brothers from the L.O.V.E Brigade.
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hyperspace cowboy eh? Id like to go on a cattle run with y'all, partnerWink
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Great format, joy to read. Thank you!
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Thanks guys. I need to edit the typos. Chapter three is on its way in a couple days.
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Very nice format, kid. Almost makes me feel like I was there...

But don't keep us all in suspense. What the heck happens next?!?
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yes....the suspense is keeeelling me.... Pleased

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Ok boys, here ya go.
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tremendous tale, kid E. thank you for sharing your experiences. it truly is a humbling escape into the beauty beyond.
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Reads like the hyperspace DMT version of 'Human Traffic'. Probably because I just finished watching 'Human Traffic'.

Great work of fiction.
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