Writing an essay on Iboga Options
#1 Posted : 4/14/2010 5:57:14 AM

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I have an assignment to write a 5 page paper on a controversial issue. I think writing about Iboga and Ibogaine treatment centers would be a good idea. I will also talk about the legality and big pharma's control of Iboga's status in the US. What else could I talk about?

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What it does, where it comes from, how it is used by African tribes...
Maybe do an interview with someone who has had experience with it.

Just some suggestions.

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Reality Sandwich has a couple of really good articles on Iboga recently. I found the controversy regarding who ran the clinics very interesting. The dichotomy between those preferring a pharmaceutical approach and those who engaged the complete spirit of the plant kind of surprised me. Also, the third force who work completely underground, in one-on-one situations, I had never heard of before.

Also, it sounds like Big Pharma recently pressed through a limited rescheduling of ibogaine to allow lower security factories to produce it. Really interesting, very quiet move made in concert with the FDA.
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Try and find some anthropological data on tribes that use it. There are all kinds of ethnographies on that sort of stuff, which you can probably find on academic search engines such as EBSCO.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Something was keeping me out of my account here but I finally got back in. Here it is..

Credit to Observant for posting the torrent. It saved me hours of research.

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Graham Hancock writes about his experience of Iboga in 'Supernatural' ... you might find some useful stuff in there
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There's a handful of good articles in Flesh of the Gods (edited by Peter Furst). Also check out the bibliography from the iboga bit of notes for history of ethnobotanicals e-book
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