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#1 Posted : 4/11/2010 11:11:25 AM

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SWIMs friend got his very first DMT trip sniffing ca. 60 mg DMT mixed with meal.

After SWIMs friend was 10 minutes in a sleepy state, SWIM asked him, what he was seeing. Without answering, his friend woke up and looked around very confused. Repeatedly he stated that he was/felt dead or his brain was damaged, he could not feel himself thinking. SWIM gave him repeatedly a confirmation supported by arguments that he (or his body to be more precise) was not dead but healthy and awake.

Finally we concluded that his consciousness/soul was in another dimension while his body was still in our dimension and he was fully aware of it... His body (his avatar) was afraid of the experience and wanted the soul back, while his soul was calm and relaxed. He could control all aspects of his body well and he could speak, but had difficulties to put his experience in words. He told SWIM that words have no meaning, that seeing, hearing, tasting, touching is translated to the same language his soul could understand. He could feel that his body is a shell that he could control. He could look through his eyes like through cameras and he found that his picture on a camera display was more real than what he was seeing with his own eyes. He touched things and verbalized those, like "this is a chair, I am touching a chair". He remarked that he was not thinking in words, he just gave a command and his body has reacted to that command. He wondered that according to SWIMs perception the reaction of his body was appropriate and as intended. He was repeatedly surprised that I could understand his words! (He was speaking quite normal actually.) The disturbing thing for him was that he could control facial expressions but he could not feel his body or the experience of his body. He also stated that in this dimension everything happened at the same time, it was cold and hot, dark and bright, on and off... That the physical things are there but they are not. He had trouble to remember episodes of his past and was very conscious of the remembering and recalling process. He finally wanted that that trip or experience would end, that he could return in his body and feel his delicious life and concluded that the existence there was dull and boring.

The whole experience lasted for an hour. After an hour he started to get afraid, that is about to never return to his body... He concluded that he must do things like touching stuff and verbalizing what he was doing to get back to our dimension. The whole experience was over suddenly (SWIM assumes that it has ended independent of him doing things).

Immediately after the trip and even several days after he did remember everything. However, the feeling of the experience fades away with time and it becomes less real but more like a dream. He remembered the beginning of the experience: he saw something he could describe as a spiral growing towards another spiral. Finally the spiral met and amalgamated. After that he was like swimming in an ocean of nothingness. He feels that he has amalgamated not with another something but with himself. That SWIM spoke to him and he "woke up" entering in the trip described above. He feels that he has amalgamated not with another something but with himself.

Have you experienced something alike?
Where was he? - In some transitional space? Is the world out there "empty"?
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intense shit.
sounds like a lower level of the higher planes (heaven if you will/want)
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Sleep states access very deep structures of the unconscious mind, mixing it with substances provides interestingly peculiar experiences like this.

As tricky as it might be, I think it is a tool to use to further the drugs effect on the mind as most people only use the molecule while in an ordinary state of conscioussness.
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