"Jungle Spice" - Mystery Alkaloids of Mimosa Root Bark Options
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LLB wrote:
on washing the jungle spice pulled from xylene... SWIM has washed with ammonia ov coarse, but how does one wash with warm naphtha? does one take the spice in a coffee filter and then pour the warm nappy over the spice? or does one put it in a dish and do the same process that one does with recrystalization?

SWIY could put the spice and naphtha in container and partially submerge it in a light hot water bath. Then SWIY could stir it until it appears to be nothing but melted jungle-spice left. Then SWIY could decant into a sealable container and freeze precip, and the results should be nearly pure spice, free of jungle.

To collect the jungle, acetone would probably be the best way, but xylene could be used as well. Dissolve the jungle into the solvent and pour into your evap dish. The best way to collect it would probably be with FASA though.

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Whats the best way to collect jungle spice??.

Swim has a pyrex dish with a small amount of evaporated jungle spice/spice mix which is a sticky yellow/red goo.
Would he just scrape this up or be better to redissolve in Acetone and salt with fumaric. Or is there a way to dry this goo up a bit i.e mix in some epsom salt etc.

Hmmm just noticed Amor's post above, what does everyone think about the best way to collect jungle spice?
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SWIM would redissolve it at least twice in pure acetone/alcohol, rescraping it against the walls each time, to help hardening up and getting rid of xylene traces... the FASA sounds good though, but SWIM never tried it so he cant say from experience
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Read more and answered that question
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I would just like to thank the people who contributed all the information to this topic and others like it.

The PDF is excellent.. really useful to see reports and whatnot..

I have a basic solution I've pulled 3 times now.. the 3rd is drying, much more DMT than I thought there would be. I always evaporate, and my crystals on the plate always look like white, with some areas yellower than others.. This time, I have taken the most yellow looking spots, scraped them out first, and dissolved them in naptha for the next extract.

I happened to pick up Xylene when getting supplies before my first extraction a few weeks ago now.. I didn't know what it'd be good for, other than knowing it was mentioned in at least a few different extraction teks for various things.. I felt like "well it can't hurt to have around".. so now I have a basic solution I've pulled a good amount of DMT out of so far.. when the washes don't yield much anymore, I plan on a xylene pull to see if this jungle spice is yielded as people say.. I have no reason to think it wouldn't for me.

Something I'll mention: years ago, like 3 or so, I tried DMT extracting the first time.. I didn't have any breakthroughs and my end product was inferior to the stuff I've been yielding in the near-present attempts.. About a year ago I still had a bit of mimosa left from those tries and no ambition to get all the chemicals and supplies I'd need.. I decided to try something no one ever mentioned trying before, that I had seen anyway.. I wanted to see if a very-simple Iso extract of mimosa would be smokeable.

The resulting product evaporated from the Iso extraction was crystalline, much to my surprise.. it was very much a crystalline waxy red substance.. I'm sure it had much more tannins and whatnot, if not ALL of them, but it had a definite effect.. I felt satisfied with it for what it was and I figured if I got the ambition I could further extract it and it likely had the DMT in it..

When smoking the red waxy stuff it seemed to have a definite tryptamine effect, but I'd not recommend it to anyone to waste mimosa on.. Just thought it'd be interesting to say.. Isopropyl alcohol I expected to give me some shitty tar.. instead, the stuff when dry was quite crystalline and waxy is a good description..

I'd like to propose, if no one has so far, that possibly the main difference between DMT and Jungle spice is this: Expectations.. Maybe the first people who thought it was something different were just getting effects based on their suspicion that it would be DMT or DMT-but-different.. That expectation told to the rest of the world could have yielded a lot of other people's results.. I don't mean to discount anyone's experiences, I'm just being devil's advocate here.. I always like to point out to people how powerful the subconscious truly is.. if you went into a DMT experience thinking "Ok this DMT has a red coloration.. people say it's not only stronger, but it is weirder or dark.. I better be ready" they get more anxious.. stress from that, hell, who knows, the stress from that combined with stress from smoking DMT could change the trip enough.. or maybe like in strassman's book, he theorizes enough stress could possibly override the pineal defenses and release endogenous DMT.. maybe the body is like "Oh shit, DMT is in me, it's time to go with the flow, the body needs DMT!"

Who knows.. Just realize when reading this, I don't personally firmly believe any stance on this red spice.. I want to know exactly what it is as well, and I again state I'm not discounting anyone's experience..

Here's a thought though.. You know how the commercials and whatnot.. the marketing for aspirin say it can help a heart attack if you take it? Well I read in some book, I think The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, that the effect is true.. in the United States.. Apparently, the same doesn't hold true for the rest of the world.. They way it's marketed seems to give us the actual effect.. Just food for thought.. If this is somehow untrue, note that I read it in a book and I sourced it best as I could.. if anyone knows actual studies showing the information he states as fact, lemme know Pleased Intent..expectations..hopes..fears.. all these things have massive contributions to how we experience our own subjective realities.. Keep it in mind.

Here's to hoping if it IS another alkaloid, that it gets identified. Thanks again for all the info to the community and the person/people who compiled it all.
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SWIM is very skeptical about what people are calling JS. Most likely is residual DMT. It needs to be washed with hexanes at least 5 times the result is a small amount of an amber residue (oily) which is still mostly DMT). However there does seem to be a difference in the subjective effects that even people who have not known "the purity" of the DMT they were ingesting have noticed. SWIM has seen this happen many times and experienced the difference her self.

It is possible that the trace alkaloids present in the JS residue are active and potentiate the DMT.

It is very difficult to separate these alkaloids from the DMT. One can remove most of the DMT but still what is left (even after 5 -7 hexane washes) is mostly DMT according to MS. Several high MW fragments are also present but the structures are unknown and they make up a very small percentage of the ions.

Interestingly TLC shows 3 spots one for DMT the other two unknown. (Mobil phase 100% Methanol plus 3 drops NH4OH)

HPLC show DMT as the major component with approximately 5 other smaller peaks. The percentage area of the DMT peak is 85% of the whole.

Thus DMT is the major component of what people are calling JS. Unless one has exhausted the DMT by multiple hexane washes a lot of DMT will still be present.
However there does seem to be a difference b/w pure DMT and the raw alkaloid extract from mimosa, as well as with DMT exhausted JS, that is greater than placebo effect.
It is possible that trace alkaloid components potentiate and alter the effect of the DMT.

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its interesting because the jungle spice pulled with the d-limo and FASW extraction tek(jimjam tek) is actually way more gentle and easy than pure dmt..its definitely weird but there is barely any fear involved..not sure how that works or even fits with the jungle spice rumors that its darker
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SWIM has also seen the MS of several different MHRB manipulations. STB, A/B, FASA, as well as some basic cold extractions.... In all cases DMT is the major component only a very small amount of other compounds were present.

In fact the FASA showed NO other components. This was run as the salts which do ionize as the freebases.

In regards to the Amor-fati washing with naptha, it is very possible that there was still residual DMT remaining. One should wash 6-7 times at least to remove as much DMT as possible. As SWIM knows that SWIY is thorough with her work... however SWIM has found that it is impossible to remove all of the DMT from the oily residue. The oil residues must bind it somehow making it inaccessible to the solvents. This DMT still makes up about 80% of the sample (HPLC, MS results). It seem likely that any crystals isolated as salts are going to be predominantly DMT. SWIM is not even sure that FASA pulls the additional alkaloids although as there are many variations on it it is possible that some do.

It maybe that limonene extracts more of the DMT-N-oxide as other solvents should not. DMT N oxide is water soluble. And since the water is evaporated this may be collected initially. Although how this ends up in the freebase SWIM has no idea. It is possible that limonene and the conditions of this extraction allow other components to be extracted although SWIm would bet there is still a significant amount of DMT in the left over exhausted residue that ends up in the salted crystals.
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I another thread there is a discussion on DMT oxide.

I wonder about its source. Is it present in the bark?
Is it created during acid boil with A/B?
Is it created in baseifacition step?
Is it created when heating solution durring hot solvent pulls?
Is it a combo of all these factors?

It should be easy enough to figure out with a couple experements.

I have limited resources and time I start more experenents than I finish so I asked this question in another thread.

I can figure it out my self but will have to distill some naptha and seperate the different fractions.

So as I asked in another thread(will post link later) can some one answer this or should I get my candy therm and distillation app out of the shed?

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See "OMFG Jungle OMFG ... Period" or such in the DMT Allies section for local SWIM's experience

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A friend of mine extracts jungle spice...

his experience with it is that its very potent, but a little less "inviting" than white crystal.

it almost has a salvia vibe to it in a way, but still different altogether though.

He also found that even though it felt stronger, it was harder to breakthrough to that special place that he normally finds himself after a few tokes of white spice.
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What is called "jungle spice" is likely a combination of many different tryptamines and alkaloids presently unknown.

Analysis of Obtusifolia shows us that the presence of these alkaloids is unpredictable - but some are even orally active! There can be as many as half a dozen alkaloids in one extract, some active in the mg range. BUT, most extracts wont be so jungle!
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WHere is your evidence for that rather large claim?
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..there is some evidence for chocobeastle's statement (see Trying to improve Acacia info (p.6) and a lot of anecdotal stuff, though no formal papers, and nexus-GCMS showing maybe 3-4 alkaloids for that species (also, A. acuminata seems to have 5-6 alkaloids in one sample, almost entirely DMT in another) ..different examples will be tested in the future..some strains are almost entirely DMT, while others are multi-alkaloid, and there is much seasonal variation, as well as possibly between different parts of the plant..endlessness has awesomely begun testing of acacias for the nexus..

..regarding "Jungle Spice", some (not all) acacia extracts containing NMT are dark and oily, others (with less) resemble very much the photo on the right of the attached excerpt from Entropymancer's fantastic starter post of this thread..if an extract contains the right ratio of dmt/nmt it can seem very 'strong', like the description below by is possible the 'waxiness' could also be due to the oxide, but i don't think it turns up very much..
(classic thread all contributors!)
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Great read. I once made the Yellow waxy jungle spice by accident. I noticed that it had a much smoother vapor than the more pure dmt.

Left: "Yellow waxy jungle spice" Right: "More Purified DMT"
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From my experience with jungle spice, I go into a dream-state when I close my eyes. I would consider it almost identical to how my dreams feel... It completely feels real at the time(just like most dreams), the people I see are people I know... I am put in some random scenario(just like dreams)... and the MOMENT I open my eyes, I snap back to reality. From one good dose of jungle spice, I can close my eyes about 3-4 times and Im sent into this dreamworld EVERY time I close them! And when I open my eyes, I am INSTANTLY awoken.

I cannot seem to find anyone who has similar experiences though! This stuff is VERY VERY different than DMT. I do not 'fall asleep and dream' on DMT. But jungle spice puts me there EVERY time I have tried it. I will even stay in these dreams if I forget to open my eyes! and it can feel like a lifetime has passed before I open them! It is VERY strange.

The main difference between my jungle DMT experiences and actual dreams are- when I open my eyes and come out of the "jungle spice dream", I am instantly alert and I realize that I had just smoked jungle spice. Its not like I feel foggy or anything, like how you feel at times when you wake up groggy.

I have yet to hear anyone talk about jungle spice feeling like a dream... So it kinda scares me! It makes me wonder if I possibly messed up on the extraction process and Im smoking BAD residue from the extraction. I would like to talk about this more in depth with people who have or havent tried jungle spice. Please PM me if you would like to go further in the discussion, because I can NEVER seem to find my old posts Razz
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In my experience to yield jungle spice you must pull with xylene.

There is some extra specialness in the mix that really adds to the experience.

1g Jungle Spice, 4g Jungle Changa (1:2 Spice/Louts ratio)
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xylene pull after cybs max ion
Plant fats or jungle spice?
I'll keep you updated...

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If one were to finish off an extraction using vegetable oil after several naphtha pulls, would that get the rest of the goods out? How would it compare to xylene jungle?
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I have added some Information about what I believe *Jungle Spice* really is here.

Sadly I'm convinced it is just really impure DMT with a lot of darkish stuff which we get while doing hot Naphtha Pulls and leaving out the re-x.

You can give it a try to make your own thought.
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