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How long does powdered MHRB stay good for at room temperature? What about in fridge/freezer?


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No idea about room temperature, but in the freezer I know 6 months made no difference in yield or quality for me.

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Ive had powder at room temp for several months with no appreciable decrease in % yields. In the freezer, i think it should pretty much keep indefinitely...
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check out vacum seal bags

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Dunno for sure about powdered, but whole bark kept in a plastic bag in a closet was just fine after three years.
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exactly. if you keep it in a sealed bag in a cool dark & dry place, it will not lose potency.

leave it in the sunlight though, and it will lose potency over the months.
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Xenogears wrote:
How long does powdered MHRB stay good for at room temperature? What about in fridge/freezer?


I'd say freeze it in an airtight bagWink
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