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20 yr old 5MEO Options
#1 Posted : 9/8/2023 3:02:08 AM
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I got a bunch of 5MEO back in maybe '02, what I thought was a lifetime supply. I smoked with close friends and had no understanding of which DMT this was at the time, it was just DMT to us. The smell is so strong from the amber crystal, I grew to love that smell.

It wasn't a lifetime supply unfortunately. Lasted I am not sure 8-10 yrs and then I lost the very last gram hiding it in my basement rafters to never be found. Don't hide stuff while your high is my advice.

I gave my buddy a couple weighed-out hits. I think he took one and had two left. I have recently been getting deep into some Acacia spice, I think it is. It seems a million times better than just basic jungle spice I am guessing the NMT is what I like in conjunction with the N NDMT. SO anyway I told him and he had the two hits stashed in his barn for the last ten years and gave them back to me.

Guess what, the 20 yr old toad 5MEO still stinks. We are talking serious nostalgia here I am remembering where I was when I got the original 50G and what life was like in my 20's. What an incredible alkaloid to still smell like it did I found that crazy.

I am going to hit it tonight wish me luck.

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#2 Posted : 9/8/2023 3:40:03 AM


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Frogspeed brave psychonaut! Thumbs up

We look forward to a full report. Cool
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#3 Posted : 9/8/2023 3:47:02 AM

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Would love to hear how it goes. Smile

One love
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#4 Posted : 9/8/2023 3:45:11 PM

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I suspect if it was well stored all will go well. Doctor Shulgan stored some and a bunch of other samples in a shoebox in a dark, dry closet for 25 years and if I remember correctly the 5meo looked great.
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#5 Posted : 9/8/2023 7:14:26 PM

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I believe it may depend on what form of 5-MeO-DMT you have. If i'm correctly informed, the molecule is much more stable as a salt than as freebase.
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