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#1 Posted : 2/23/2010 7:41:48 PM

"No, seriously"

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Hello all,

It has come to our attention that several people, mainly on the chat but also on the forum, have been talking about driving under the influence of psychedelics. We want to emphasize the fact that we STRONGLY discourage such actions, as they put at risk not only the one driving but others who have nothing to do with your decisions! We do NOT want people bragging about how they drove after taking this or that substance, and doing so will result in warning and/or suspension of the account. Please think before posting/chatting, remember that what we talk about is not just empty words but it also impacts other people, it might give new members wrong ideas, it might offend those who might have lost loved ones with such actions, and it gives power to those that want to protect us from ourselves and keep our medicines criminalized.

Secondly, we have also noticed on both chat and on the forum people recklessly glorifying drug use. This forum is not about competing who can take more drugs, get the most high, or take the biggest combinations!!! We sincerely hope people are more mature than that, and realize that we want people to use substances respectfully, carefully and in a humble manner. Those that insist in bragging about drug use and using it as pure ego boosting can also get their accounts suspended.

The moderator team

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#2 Posted : 2/24/2010 9:45:39 AM


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Tell ILPT about it man ! last time he was ridding pushbike under cacti influence and ended up battered and bruised and was very lucky, that no car hit him. Apparently on lower dose of LSA he always cycling well , but it could be only subjective. JUST don`t ride or drive anything ! Only walk and take it easy !
As a kemist I never met ILPT in physical form and never talk to him. He share his wisdom, trough my mind, telepathicly only. Please don`t prosecute me, for his possible illegal activities. He is bonkers about chemistry and doesn`t even exist in this primitive reality !!!
#3 Posted : 2/24/2010 2:27:17 PM

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Good point kemist!

Don't ride and drive either!
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#4 Posted : 2/24/2010 2:39:46 PM

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acolon_5 wrote:
Good point kemist!

Don't ride and drive either!

Probably the first lesson Albert Hoffman learned, although I suspect he developed a special relationship with his bicycle after that day.
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#5 Posted : 2/24/2010 3:35:01 PM

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lol, ok, but only as long as it doesn't apply to magic carpets and brooms....
#6 Posted : 2/24/2010 3:52:59 PM

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Thank you for this. It hits so close to home for me. Please remember that since what we are doing is viewed as illegal by the majority of society, it is kind of up to us to regulate ourselves. That is, we need to set our own moral and ethical standards as individuals and as a community.

Also, the sign (posted elsewhere I know, but it is so apprapos) below, titled DMT Contraindications pretty much says/shows it all.

Peace & Love,
Pandora attached the following image(s):
dmt_contraindications1-1.gif (14kb) downloaded 1,710 time(s).
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#7 Posted : 2/24/2010 5:24:03 PM

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i used that one a couple years ago

it's definitely classic
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#8 Posted : 2/24/2010 5:51:59 PM

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my cycling expereince on mescaline last year up north drove that point home loud and clear. never again. entheogens are best left to the realm of mind. gentle walking, sitting, laying....all good options. Operating anything- not so much.

thanks for posting this trav. pandora, that pic has been my desktop in the past. it is priceless. i wish giant octopoids WOULD 'handle' neuronauts behind the wheel. i guarantee an immediate halt to anyone even considering such behavior if it was an absolute fact that if you drove on anything a giant octopoid alien would immediately fuck you up. Shocked

Ponch and Jon got nothing on a couple of "octo-chips". i'll get to work on the pilot....

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#9 Posted : 2/24/2010 7:04:44 PM
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One of my arguments in favor of the statement that psychedelics are significantly less dangerous than alcohol, is that people under the influence of psychedelic's are less likely to do things like driving a car, because contrary to drunks, they realize that they are incapacitated to a certain level.

If too many people do realy stupid things while under the influence of a substance, that actualy fuels prohibitive legislation.

And when of all people who take psychedelics, those who cause serious accidents would exceed a certain percentage, those in favor of prohibition actually have a good point.

Because than you could say that people who use psychedelic's are generally speaking, dangerous folk.

The main difference between grown-ups and childeren is ofcourse that grown-up's don't need to be reminded of what the implication's of 'responsability' are.
#10 Posted : 2/24/2010 8:22:49 PM
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I can't imagine why you would ever drive after taking drugs...Why risk killing people?
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#11 Posted : 2/27/2010 3:18:58 PM
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I remember reading about the use of psychedelics (particularly LSD) in psychotherapy back in the 50's. One of the rules was that subjects were never allowed to drive after an LSD experience until after a full night's sleep. I've always followed this protocol with myself as well. Once I've taken any type of psychoactive drug, I will not drive until the next day regardless how normal I feel later in the day.

#12 Posted : 4/29/2010 6:28:19 PM

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Im sorry, but if you dont already know that you shouldnt use drugs (especially psychedelic tryptamines) while driving, then i honestly dont think you should be here.

my $.02
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#13 Posted : 4/29/2010 7:02:30 PM

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ghostman wrote:
Probably the first lesson Albert Hoffman learned, although I suspect he developed a special relationship with his bicycle after that day.

A friend, whom I do not see anymore, actually rode a bike while on acid. That has happened on a secluded road and was great fun.
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#14 Posted : 4/29/2010 7:47:35 PM

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i do think there is a form of 'peer pressure' on the nexus. i can't help thinking some members are despirately trying to prove something...this is just childish
#15 Posted : 4/29/2010 8:59:24 PM

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teotenakeltje wrote:
i do think there is a form of 'peer pressure' on the nexus. i can't help thinking some members are despirately trying to prove something...this is just childish

peer pressure against irresponsible actions, I hope! If there is someone trying to prove something, then I would say its isolated individuals because as a general attitude this forum is exactly about NOT trying puff one's ego but rather respecting the substances and using them responsibly
#16 Posted : 4/29/2010 10:37:22 PM
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DimethylSpice wrote:
Im sorry, but if you dont already know that you shouldnt use drugs (especially psychedelic tryptamines) while driving, then i honestly dont think you should be here.

my $.02

^ This.

Driving while or after hallucinogens is really, really dumb.
#17 Posted : 4/29/2010 10:40:12 PM

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I'm leaving for a while. I need to take a break from the internet psychedelic communities because they are interferring with my priorities. Your all great and I wish you the best in the meantime.

Acolyte, the status of where I stand on CEL in in the minibook thread. When I come back I will make a decision on whether to fully withdraw from the project for good or get to work.
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#18 Posted : 7/6/2010 1:28:04 PM


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DWUI's caused from these things...
I don't even think I have to explain what the consequences can be.

If you really want to simulate driving sensations, go to the game arcade and pay 50 cents to play those racing attractions.
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#19 Posted : 7/9/2010 1:24:11 AM
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Blundering_Novice wrote:
DimethylSpice wrote:
Im sorry, but if you dont already know that you shouldnt use drugs (especially psychedelic tryptamines) while driving, then i honestly dont think you should be here.

my $.02

^ This.

Driving while or after hallucinogens is really, really dumb.

Yes, and those poor souls who might be possessed to do such a thing should be hounded NOT to do it, because their lives are not the only ones at stake.
#20 Posted : 7/9/2010 2:57:24 AM

Yes? No?

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Hey, if you want to kill yourself under the influence, try 5 seconds of "Need for Speed" on your computer instead. You might even think its real and that you've killed yourself, but at least you'll wake up the next day.

By the way, doesn't this thread belong a couple inches up ... on "Death- what's the definition?"
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