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Easy LSA>LSH tek exp. & comparison Options
#1 Posted : 1/28/2023 9:57:17 PM
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Copied this from my comment on another thread, in relation to this:

"Tried the Morning Glory wine yesterday on my second attempt making it.
Made with 1000 heavenly blue MG seeds, extracted with 100ml fresh sherry + 7ml of lime juice then topped up with apple juice and infused with peppermint. It was actually quite tasty in the end which surprised me, and I held it all in without purging which is unusual for me, though was nauseous for two hours (probably due to guts 5-HT3 receptors). After the initial digestion nausea this had zero side-effects and I was walking most of the day enjoying it.

1. Prepared seeds by hammering in a paper plate against a wooden block, then ground with a mortar and pestle to a mostly fine powder.

This was done in near complete dark at night. All powdered seeds were set aside and covered to be added all at once instead of incrementally as I had done before. My first attempt I added as I went and the resulting extract was very thick and hard to filter, though this may be compounded or caused by having used 70ml of sherry the first time instead of 100ml the successful time.

2. Squeezed a lime for 7ml of juice, then added this to the bottle I had just taken from the freezer and used for mixing. A fresh 35cl bottle of sherry was opened from having sat in the fridge, and 100ml was measured out and quickly added to the bottle. The result was mixed slightly then stored quickly back into the fridge.

The lime juice contained roughly 1/3g citric acid, which I'd initially calculated for a much larger batch and forgotten to alter for scale. Only 30mg was recommended so 11x less could be used. Mostly everything was pre-cooled in the fridge and freezer to make sure the least heat was present to preserve the acetaldehyde content, as it is so volatile at even room temperature. A higher volume of sherry was necessary for success with this as there was barely any separation after 15 minutes with only 70ml.

3. Added seed powder all at once, immediately mixed for 1 minute three times with 5 min breaks between then decanted / strained off through a fine steel mesh coffee filter after 15 minutes.

All of this was timed carefully, in case this would help avoid the stringy viscous extract snot I'd had before. The bottle was returned to the fridge whenever it could be.

4. Got the last of liquid out of the seed matter by pouring it into a t-shirt and squeezing.

This was instead of the recommended pouring onto the mesh filter and pressing with a spoon, as this didn't work for me on my first attempt and I lost a lot of the dose as it remained in the matter. I didn't consume this attempt and held out for the more successful one, especially considering that it was so quick to make.

5. Added the filtered extracts, about 90ml recovered, to a tall and thin glass then topped up completely with 100ml~ cold, fresh apple juice as recommended to allow for further separation from the seed mud.

6. Let this settle out for three hours when I observed all of the seed matter had precipitated, but I left it overnight as it was a thick layer instead of short like described.

I thought it may compact overnight, it didn't, and I didn't notice the layer being any taller at all meaning most had crashed out by 3 hours. The much larger mud layer is probably as I used the t-shirt and got a less fine filtration.

7. In the morning I decanted the liquid above the seed matter into a re-usable coffee cup, added two peppermint teabags fresh from a sealed foil pack then sealed the cup. Shook the cup intermittently for roughly an hour, storing in the fridge between mixes.

8. Poured the coffee cup out into a cup for drinking, not much if any of the extract remained in the teabags. Drank in about three gulps over a few minutes, the taste was surprisingly quite good and didn't give me any nausea.

Peaked at about 2-3 hours, roughly 4x weaker than I expected. These seeds were off the shelf, apparently packed this same month and were heat sealed though they were still clearly very degraded. I imagine this dose with seeds harvested straight from the vine or vacuum & freezer stored immediately from harvest would be quite intense, though with off the shelf seeds it is significantly weaker.

I have been chasing this experience since one of the most intense experiences I have had was with 37 HBWR in sherry cask rum. This was different than the rum, maybe as I'd never put peppermint in that, which would miss out the isovaleraldehyde adduct. I'd put the difference down to that as I had a lot of experience with the rum over a range of doses and it never had character like this, though I'll for sure need more experience with this method to be certain of that.

This wine was almost like mescaline in its OEVs - like hieroglyph patterns / ancient language in clouds - and in its general gentleness and euphoria. I had a euphoria and visual perception still ten hours after dosing that reminded me of the best LSD experiences I had in my youth, though I had taken a tablespoon of San Pedro that I had just finished boiling down about two hours before. This made the OEVs come back far more prominently and I can imagine it being an amazing combo done right. I'd compare the bulk of this experience to a single 100ug hit of clean LSD, if it was organic, gentle instead of edgy, and had far more depth, dimension and beauty – though far less powerful. Compared to the rum without peppermint, this was similar to mescaline and the rum was similar to psilocybin - also the rum had a couch-locking body load that was unbearably intense, and was disgusting and painful to consume due to all the cyanide soap. That's down to the HBWR though.

I'm guessing you use Morning Glory because as you describe, you have immediate access to well preserved fresh MG seeds. Due to the issue with MG being incredibly weak by weight off the shelf, I'm going to retry this using Ololiuqui in a couple weeks. I may briefly update on how successful that is."

So far, I have a comparison of HBWR extracted into sherry cask rum to MG extracted as written. Expanding on my previous experiences of making CWE style extractions on HBWR with rum, my process was really similar but varied in practice. I crushed and powdered HBWR almost the same way as written above, then added the seed powder to rum which had added lemon juice to help encourage the adduct formation.

My least nauseating experiences were with adding between 8 and 12 seeds to a single shot of rum and mixing a couple of times over 15-20 minutes, then decanting this off into a glass, topping up with iced tea and consuming. The less time soaking and agitating made for a drink that was really quite tasty and easy to consume, as well as far less nausea / pain. I don't think infusing the seed mud for longer actually pulled anything more, as these experiences resulted in intense visual / audio hallucinations with a distinct lysergic character. Patterns in nature were unique and varied, CEVs were colourful, emotions felt wide. Eating the same batches of seeds straight up though was painful and only resulted in 10 hours of sedated euphoria without visuals beyond clarity enhancement "HD vision", though still lysergic in headspace and with a notably profound enhancement of the perception of beauty in nature.

My highest dose was 37 seeds infused for a couple of days, agitated a couple of times a day. This resulted in an extract that was viscous like an almost jelly soap. Diluted to a massive amount didn't help mask its taste. The visuals were intense, a 3D layer of earth coloured light blanketed the carpet making patterns like Persian carpets or mosque tiling. Closed eye visuals were like incredibly intricate psilocybin visuals, making dense 3D architectures of patterns. The colours themed dark to bright light blue, and at many points a clean neon pink pierced through the CEVs in sync with specific aspects of music. I also got profound visionary hallucinations which I've rarely ever had even close to like then. Throughout the whole experience I could barely move due to the body load and muscle aches, and was constantly uncomfortable in any position. It was equally as painful as it was beautiful.

I believe Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can have a much higher ratio of side-effect causing ergot alkaloids which can be really quite dangerous, especially at high doses – I couldn't find this information easily at first. Although these are more potent I don't recommend them at all, down to the disgusting / dangerous cyanogenic glycosides at least. Morning Glory may be better being that they had no body load in this batch at least, which lends to the idea that they have less side effect causing alkaloids. Another upside to Morning Glory is it can be grown fairly easily and in not long you can grow many doses at full-strength from an incredibly cheap cost of seeds. As I said at the end of the copied comment, I'll update once I have tried this with Ololiuqui - then I can make a comparison from that. I haven't had much experience with Morning Glory though yet, so I can't really say I gave it a fair look personally, though my experiences with it are corroborated elsewhere.

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