Radula perrottetii anyone has info on this moss? Options
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Looks like it is active. There are a few threads on our forums about it:;m=668731#post668731;m=289098#post289098

Simply googling it one can get a couple of nice results!

If it grows relatively fast we could grow this as a novel psychedelic plants, it would be nice to spread it in our small community. Anyone has any ideas feel free to share.
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#2 Posted : 1/27/2023 11:22:40 PM

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It's a liverwort rather than a moss. They grow in damp places like mosses do.

Mosses and liverworts tend to have something of a low profile. It might be an idea to make friends with a bryologist Very happy

Here's another interesting thing that came up: "Phytocannabinoids: a unified critical inventory"

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