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#1 Posted : 10/21/2022 11:55:20 AM
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Trying new things for me, right now, is seriously difficult.

For example, DMT.

It seems easier for me to "just not even try". I actually did two extraction attempts. But I got bummed out by my low yields and how long it took to do everything. I think my DMT got polymerised, and now I need to use HCl to unpolymerise it. Things like that just annoy me. So much effort.

It's easier to just drink alcohol.

Not better for me, though. I want something simple I can "just do".

I tried using harmala seeds... it seems to boost my mood! Which is nice! At least I can just make a tea and "that's it". No intense preparation.

I had the idea of looking to pick mushrooms, but again "there are so many things tht can go wrong". I'd have to book a train ticket to some area... what if I don't even know where to go? Or can't find any fields. How will I reach them? do I ned to get a taxi? What if I get a taxi to some fields and theres nothing there? What if I spend so long searching it gets late and I need to go back? Then i'll waste the entire journey for nothing? Oh wait, maybe i can just get a hotel first. OK great but then that's MORE travelling around. I don't know what hotels are near what "hot spots"

The whole thing is so daunting to me I just don't even get started. I've had one trip I planned once where I made a mess up of it and I had to spend the night sleeping in a train-station. It was really annoying. This happened maybe 20 yers ago but I'm still annoyed by it haha.

I hate all these complications and worries. It's so much easier to "just drink from a bottle of alcohol".

I rally don't seem to have the "constructive energy" spare or left over to make a trip like that happen.

The rest of my life seems similarly slow. I am changing things, but slowly. More slow than most people.


I tried going to D&D group (dungeons and dragons)... I had trouble dealing with the noise and also "Staying creative"... the rest of the group were much more creative and enjoying themselves. I enjoyed it but really... it seems I am struggling with certain things due to lack of energy. My brain was just "fogging out". I couldn't keep track of the details of the adventure lol. Or even clearly hear what people were saying due to all the noise.

I've spent many years alone. That might have something to do with it. My brain isn't used to noise and chaos.

Perhaps I'd need some kind of group session or group tripping thing but thats a huge complexity and risk in itself.

I didn't used to be like this. I was meeting new people all the time. Going to clubs and all that. Maybe half like that as I was still a little quiet sometimes... but it wasn't holding me back. Now... things seem HARD.

No idea. But I can't get started with the DMT like this. I don't have the house to myself and I live with someone who is anti-drugs, so my activities need to be hidden. Just finding a time when I have PERSONAL ENERGY and OPPORTUNITY BOTH at the same time seems too hard.

I need help I think from someone in real life. Someone to trip with or help me boost my own journey. But thats always risky if it's not someone you ALREADY know...

One person I met online said he uses tinder to find girls to trip with lol. Jeezus what an imagination. But for me... i wouldn't even try. I don't have the energy for all these failiures.

That's just me and where I am. I'm sure things will change.

Most of my energy is going into programming I guess. I need something else to do. I was hoping DMT was it but right now I can't even get started due to lack of energy.

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
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At least I'm not rushing blindly into things like some naive person. So I guess I got that problem sorted.
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I understand your problem with having motivation to do things. It's a very common thing, so you're certainly not alone in this.
What I think you should do is concentrate on solving this problem of lack of energy, first. Before you think about exploring new horizons with psychedelics, it's probably best to stabilize your life a bit first, don't you think?

Eat healthy, try to give the body a balanced supply of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals etc...
Drink lots of water!
Try to exercise, almost every day.
If you have trouble concentrating, find something you like that can make you work on that. Start playing a musical instrument, draw...anything.
Throw away that alcohol crap! (that's the most difficult thing, unfortunately).

These are trivial things, but very important.

Psychedelics are tools, they are not all the work you must do. Remember that on this planet you have to can't go anywhere. With these tools you'll explore worlds that seems distant, but then you will always come back. What's important is what's here, right now.
Don't make excuses for yourself, we humans are too good at it.

Change your perspective. Is going to the forest a waste of time? Isn't it great to explore new places? To be in contact with nature? Feel the wind, the sun, smell the scents...then, if you find the mushrooms you want, better! but if you don't find them, it will be for the next time. Change your goals when you do things, be more open to the possibilities. A sober nature walk can be just as good as an "altered" one.
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Hi there

If you have a dmt plant source lets say MHRB, and syrian rue seeds or other MAOI, you can just brew the stuff for long periods, and let it sit for a few days, and drink that.

You'll probably puke, and feel some nausea, but its the easiest and simplest way to ingest the stuff, and it will give very long lasting effects.

As for the motivational part, there's two ways of approaching what you are describing.

The first I'd do is a small philosophical exercise, in which you'd evaluate a long term life without certain things. Let's say you don't quit alcohol and drink today, because its easier to drink than abstain from it. What will tomorrow look like? Most probably, tomorrow you'll have a sh1tty hangover day, thats way harder to go through than a normal day. So all in all, if you'd calculate not only 24 hours, but 48, you would see a net increase in struggle if you drink. That is to say, it is HARDER to drink, than to abstain from alcohol.

Are you sure you see things clearly, when you choose your path? Is the logic you use not flawed? I don't know, but these questions might help you see your answer and path more clearly.

The second is using some of these things to your benefit. Neurochemically speaking, if you're in a bad state of life (again, let us assume we're an alcholic, because I was a heavy alcoholic for ~10 years so I have experience in that) your neurochemistry is screwed right now, you have a psychological and physical dependence on the drug. It's an addiction. That means, bluntly saying, your neurochemistry works in a way, where it is prepeared to give you thoughts and rewards for obtaining the drug, and is not prepeared to give you motivation, thoughts, or rewards to do other, easier things.

Again, if you'd look through one week of drinking VS one week of not drinking, not drinking is Clearly easier to go through, much less hussle, less struggle and less hangover.

Yet your opinion on it is "it's just easier to drink".

That is because of what we call addiction in alcoholism. Where your neurochemistry is not optimal, and is not showing you what is true and what isnt. It tells you you want to drink and drinking is easier, when in reality that isnt the case. You need to fix your inbalance in neurochemistry.

Alcohol, and certain lifestyle choices, deplete the human body of essential nutrients. Magnesium, B vitamins, etc, are required to create motivational hormones in your body, and keep these hormones in balance, so that when the sunshine hits your eyes in the morning, you start feeling motivation to get out of bed and start doing stuff.

Bear with me, we're ending the 2nd point soon. The easy part here is, you don't need to do much, right? If the problem you have, is just lack of vitamin D, or magnesium or b complex (or Most Probably all of them) than fixing those issues isn't that big of a deal is it? Comparing popping a multivitamin pill, or getting vitamin D tested and getting a vitamin D injection, you see where I'm getting?

And lastly, there are some stuff that have given me motivation to do things consistently in life. Two of them I'd like you to try is garlic and ginger. Buying these things in the store and then eating them isn't really that difficult, and the net benefit people seem to get seems to be worth the trouble Smile

I hope I've given you some food for thought, here's a good audiobook on how alcohol destroys your life, give it a try Smile;ab_channel=PowerHouseG

a quick edit on the end: of course this is all anecdotal, and hypothesis, i dont want to offer medical advice here, just trying to share somethings that could have a positive impact Smile
A second chance? Huh... I thought I was on my fifth.

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MAGMA17 wrote:
I understand your problem with having motivation to do things. It's a very common thing, so you're certainly not alone in this.
What I think you should do is concentrate on solving this problem of lack of energy, first. Before you think about exploring new horizons with psychedelics, it's probably best to stabilize your life a bit first, don't you think?

That's probably true... there are some new changes in my life that need to settle down first. Ontop of that I had low energy but the other tings are taking my attention first.
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