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#1 Posted : 9/16/2022 5:00:20 AM

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Last night was one of the first mild nights with only few clouds in the sky. The perfect setting for some Natalensis tea (2 gram). It was the first trip outside after a long winter (for South African standards).

I didn't feel the come-up at all, which is normal for Natalensis. About half an hour after drinking the tea, I started to look out for the typical signs. For me usually the clouds start to look out of character first, so I focussed on a little cloud hanging in the colorful evening sky. It didn't take long and it started twisting, stretching and morphing in all kinds of ways. Simultaneously everything started to have a visible aura and took on sharper edges, as if my vision improved. Everything looked so crisp. That's when the euphoria hit me, because I knew this is going to be a beautiful night.

About an hour into the trip I decided to vape some cannabis, which kicked everything into gear.
Suddenly I realized that I did no longer recognize the music coming from my headphones, even though I am quite familiar with it. So I checked on my laptop to convince myself that I still listen to what I listened to ten minutes ago (Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden).
When I turned my attention back to the garden things have changed dramatically. The garden looked exactly how it looks like when I have an opened eye sub-breakthrough experience on DMT. It looked a bit like an oil painting while haveing the sensation to be under water at the same time. Time? Time didn't matter anymore. I sat in my swinging chair and sank into the pillows or lets rather say into the moment, while just looking at the scenery. It felt like I had occupied my place in the garden and became part of it, just like all the other plants and little animals. I felt accepted by and connected by nature. At some point I even felt more plant-like than human or at least how I imagine plants feel like. I hope that makes any sense.

That's when my phone rang. It was my wife telling me that my 2 year old son wants to see me. Usually he sleeps by that time and I very rarely interact with family members while on mushrooms. Especially while peaking.
But I felt very good in the space I was in, so I fetched him, took him out into the garden and showed him the plants and the stars. I could sense the same kind of wonder in him, I felt in that moment.
I often thought about how mushrooms allow us to see the world in a child-like way, without judgements, concepts and preconceptions clouding the view.
It was like we both REALLY saw the stars and the plants. It was a beautiful moment. After a little while it was time for him to go back to bed and I got comfortable in my spot again to enjoy some fantastic CEVs.

Eventually things faded and it got a little cooler, so I migrated to the inside of the house. It was a smooth but deep experience.

I still feel the afterglow, sitting here in the morning sun, in my garden, with a free mind. This is how a classic Natalensis experience looks like for me Smile. need to worry...

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