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#1 Posted : 8/27/2022 3:48:56 AM

Surrender and BE free

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After going to the gym and running a few errands, I took a nap and then woke up and immediately conducted a mushroom "ceremony" for myself. The dense cap that was the bulk of the 1g+ dose was very potent, apparent as I chewed down to an intense taste.

During my meditation about an hour in, I smoked some cannabis laden with 20mg+ of rue extract, which launched me into what I find to be very meaningful and personally important varieties of thought spaces.

This is something I wrote during the come-down (while presently, I am still coming down).

"Nice to be immersed in my own incisive, descript, yet open-ended nature of thinking ( that i often cant keep up with at this time, since the progression of such only continues, which has led to a lot of concept nesting). Such vast wells of philosophic musings on the nature of belief, perception, thinking, of claims and assertions, etc, and a nesting therein of each musing into another. Followed by successively more until something new happens as a result for the process to begin again. Free falling outside "belief" (because I never find an answer sufficiently satisfactory; suppose it's part on my contrarian nature and aspect). Dancing with, within, and outside the "fundamentals." Peering at the "limits," even in rationality and logic. Uncommitted; outside the box. But only to enter another that contains the initial, but of more breadth and depth. Always kind of what happens, so what "box"/paradigm do I want to find the gaps in and explore the empty spaces, and in between the lines of until I find my way out of this new bigger box? My priority of balance of thought and thinking. Seeking understanding, on as many levels and ways as possible, as well as angles and interpretations, without need for an answer (because I'll find something to say about it anyway, more than likely), I got to peacefully be in the pandemonius chaos of the paradox of it ALL."


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What if the "truth" is: the "truth" is indescernible/unknowable/nonexistent? Then the closest we get is through being true to and with ourselves.

Know thyself, nothing in excess, certainty brings insanity- Delphic Maxims

DMT always has something new to show you Twisted Evil

Question everything... including questioning everything... There's so much I could be wrong about and have no idea...
All posts and supposed experiences are from an imaginary interdimensional being. This being has the proclivity and compulsion for delving in depths it shouldn't. Posts should be taken with a grain of salt. 👽

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