What is PEG-400 extracting from Syrian rue seeds? Options
#1 Posted : 8/13/2022 6:30:56 AM
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Hi friends,

I recently extracted Syrian Rue seeds by simply putting them in equal volume of PEG-400 and letting sit for a day. It does turn yellow after a while, indicating something.
I took a sip of it, maybe 1mL, which would equal to maybe 1g of rue seeds by my rough math, and did not notice much but after some hours it felt quite beautiful and the left side of my head dissolved. Kinda weird, but whatever... no nausea or other effects at all.

Tried eating this stuff in a capsule but it absolutely does nothing that way. I tried vaping it but it does not feel like anything special that way altho it does have effects. Seems to require mucous membrane for transport. Also tried boofing 1mL, that works. It takes a few hours to peak but the effects do begin immediately altho subtly.

It blocks and even aborts DMT effects (oral or vaped) but when sufficient DMT is vaped, it transformed the experience into more of an NMT heart chakra experience...

Does anyone have any idea what it is I am consuming here? I guess maybe it is a mix of stuff.

I apologize if someone else already posted about this, I wes not sure how to search this topic.

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Thanks for sharing your results! Was there anything in particular that inspired your choice of solvent?

Have you read a recent thread about the diverse range of alkaloids that rue presents? The paper on novel rue alkaloids is open access (I think?) so there'll be some food for thought for you. The closest you'll get to a real answer would probably involve some form of chemical analysis. It would be worth getting in touch with one of the relevant members (Benzyme or Endlessness) to follow that up.

Have you checked what kind of fluorescence your PEG400 extract displays?

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Nothing in particular inspired my choice, I just wanted to try PEG-400. Since then I also tried dry acetone and I ended up pulling probably the same stuff out (same effects based on my limited testing).

Thanks for that link to the new study on rue. Interesting stuff.

It's quite difficult to determine what a molecule is if it is not in any database, let alone if it is not isolated completely. I have talked before (like 3yrs ago maybe) with Endlessness and Benzyme about analyzing some different samples. Endlessness was not in a position to do it at the time, IIRC. Benzyme was, but he couldn't do more than provide the spectrograph on some of my stuff because when you have a mix of things it isn't so clear what is what. After that he got a job that took all his time. Hopefully he is still employed there since I know it was a boon for his financial situation.

Both under regular and UV light this PEG-400 solution appears yellow.
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