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#1 Posted : 7/25/2010 11:26:12 AM
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Yesterday i held my second experience with iboga. The first time i tried ibogahuasca i took a microdose of iboga in addition to a 'normal' ayahuasca brew wich also contained psychotria viridis, only to find out that iboga greatly reduces the effects of DMT.

This time i took a different aproach. Since i'm still wary of iboga's intense side effects, wich include being practically paralysed for many hours, i wanted to see whether it is possible to boost the psychedelic effects of ibogaine without boosting the negative effects too much.

My method for doing this was not that elaborate, but it had some effects since i definately had a unique experience without much of those negative effects: i took 1 gram of maya's 50:1 caapi extract, some shrooms as a tryptamine-booster, a few teaspoons of cat's claw extract as dissociative-booster, some datura innoxia seeds as both booster and nausea inhibitor and in addition to this i took 2.8 grams of iboga rootbark.

It definately worked since the experience it resulted in was most unique and it made me confident enough with iboga to try a higher dose of pure iboga next time.
The effects very gradually builded-up in a very subtle manner. But after a few hours i experienced a most unique combination of effects: the most remarkable effect was an extreme enhancement of the senses. Although it was night i was perfectly able to see everything around me, almost as if it was day. My ears became extremely powerfull: at a certain moment i heared a noise wich i initially thought was a jetplane flying nearby. Only after a few minutes i started to realise that in fact it was a car riding on a road that was miles away.
There was a constant changing back and forth from extreme mindfog to a state of relative sharpness. The mindfog as well as the mindfuck was almost like that of a very large dose of LSD. My thoughts often became disturbingly detached. The discovery that all my fears seemed to have completely subsided was very weird and even a bit scary in itself. This where clearly felt dissociative effects: as if my mind was in sense sedated and nothing would have realy bothered me thát much anymore. If a tiger would have jumped at me and bitten my leg of, i think at that time i would have completely accepted my faith.
And there was the constant feeling as if i was about to fall asleep, as if both my body and my mind where slipping away. I cannot explain it any better than exactly that my body was just sliding away from me constantly, a bit the sensation of falling.
A pleasant buzz in my head and visions that where often both trivial as well as elaborate. When i closed my eyes, the things i saw often seemed gilded in a sense. With eyes open, the surface of everything seemed to ripple into very, very tiny wavepatterns and often my visual field seemed surrounded by a vibrating, colourfull crystalline frame that had an LSD-like quality. Seeing things moving resulted in a very spectacular effect: when a nightbird flew by very fast, i saw a flash of light and a long flashing tracer of it, although i could see every movement of the bird at the same time.

I feel that now i have become more familiar with iboga, i'm ready for a higher dose of pure iboga, including all of the side effects. I don't know when this is gonna happen, but it's clear to me that at some point i'm gonna take a large 24+ hour dose dose of iboga.

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#2 Posted : 7/25/2010 4:48:40 PM

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Wow! thats quite the cocktail you put together there polytrip! Good jobVery happy lol..I like how you can take all these diff plants as admixtures, throw them together in varrying ammounts and make some magical potion..I like to do that with bufotenine when I use it so I can get deeper with it, have less side effects and more mental effects..seems a good thing to do with iboga.
#3 Posted : 7/27/2010 2:20:03 PM

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Fascinating report! I have had that extreme night vision and incredibly enhanced sense of hearing...the latter effect much more on my second encounter with Iboga. I can really see how this plant would be an ally for hunters in the African forest at night.

One word of advice for possible future experiments...avoid mixing Iboga and the solanaceous deliriants like Datura, Brugmansia and Belladonna. Not because of any danger, but the deliriant alkaloids in these plants act as powerful antidotes to the Iboga alkaloid's mode of action in the brain and central nervous system.
#4 Posted : 8/11/2010 4:09:34 PM

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2.8 gr of iboga RB from Camerun, was approximately the same amount SWIM and other friends did recently, around a camp fire :
it was a pleasurable vojage lasting about 7 hours without any overwelming effect.
Nice the combo you took: how many datura seeds you used?
Can you please explain better the Cat's Claw dissociative properties?

#5 Posted : 6/17/2019 1:14:22 PM

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cat's claw inhibit NMDA. no real subjective psychoactive effect off cat's claw but interesting herb in the cabinet. Canreduce tolerance to opiods, cannabinoids as well with this pharmacology. But heard more of the asian cat's claw used that.
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#6 Posted : 7/5/2019 11:11:26 PM

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Fascinating report. Smile
#7 Posted : 7/5/2019 11:37:56 PM

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Sounds like quite an experience! Thank you for sharing!

Iboga has been on my list for quite some time. Recently started to grow. Got one 2 month old seedling that’s doing fantastic and just planted 14 more seeds today. It’s been very rainy, humid, and hot so hopefully many sprout.
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