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Festivals 2019 Options
Cactus Man
#1 Posted : 5/5/2019 5:19:31 AM
DMT-Nexus member

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Anyone planning on going to anything good this year?

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#2 Posted : 5/5/2019 3:57:45 PM

DMT-Nexus member

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I used to love going to the Country Fair in Eugene Oregon. Ate my first cubensis there, once upon a time. I also go to a Rainbow Gathering when I can, been to a few regional and the one national here in WA a few years back.
olympus mon wrote:
You need to hit it with intention to get where you want to be!

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#3 Posted : 5/23/2019 8:01:49 PM

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Sadness because the bigger festivals in my area are getting poopy. Used to frequent the Great Blue Heron fest, but the lineup sux this year. Will probably be hitting up lots local stuff, the fire Dept in my town puts on a killer 3 day free festival in the middle of town.
#4 Posted : 6/4/2019 7:26:17 PM

Fly with the sea birds and sh!t

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I’m going to bonnaroo in a week.
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#5 Posted : 6/14/2019 2:17:35 AM


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Project: Earth in a week! Very happy Big grin Shocked Laughing
#6 Posted : 6/14/2019 6:48:10 PM

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i will be at Flow festival in austria.

an art peace of mine will be displayed at the chillout stage, also i will be DJing there Big grin
#7 Posted : 6/26/2019 1:43:41 PM

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Yaas, Funk n Flow for myy honneymoon
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