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#21 Posted : 6/18/2019 8:55:38 PM

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Perhaps, but it doesn't account for the transcendent experience.

Trippy glass for trippy people.
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So I had the morning off work, I thought I'd treat myself to a trip to hyperspace. It's a beautiful sunny day, I drove my van down to the river front and put some meditation music on. I have this beautiful song I like with pan pipes and a heavenly female voice, really touches the soul, it's 12 minutes long so a perfect length for a trip.

I loaded the Yocan up with just a couple of grains of spice and took it, just to calm the nerves. After the preflight anxiety had left, I watched how the breeze made the sunlight dance across the trees and water, everything was saturated and alive, the sunlight was feeding into everything. We sometimes forget to stand back and appreciate nature's beauty, my whole being was glowing.

I loaded up the Yocan with 30mg of spice and vaped it in 3 hits, holding in each hit for 15 secs. I was met with the familiar ear ringing then I was instantly catapulted into hyperspace, where I was met with constantly evolving 3D geometry against a dense grid like backdrop, it had code or words across it too, but I couldn't make it out. Beautiful saturated colours, with no shadows. It was constantly morphing, like it was trying to tell me something.

I was then taken even deeper, into a space where I was shown the fractal nature of our universe. The best way I can describe it is, everything is created from one universal mathematical equation that functions like a feedback loop. It showed me no matter how much we try to understand or how deep you go, it only gets more complicated but as you turn back you are always at the start of it. But the amazing thing was, I wasn't just witnessing this, I was it.

It then showed me the thin artificial veil which is our reality and life, the physical world. But not to dismiss it as false and meaningless, yet use it to learn, love and have fun, but not to take it too seriously.

When I came too, I was filled with euphoria and love for life and the people closest to me. I feel like I let go of something inside me this time, almost like a repression mechanism which stopped me from viewing my own actions objectively at times. I was awash with self insight, I sat and thought about some things in my recent personal life that I could of handled better and overreacted slightly and the importance of my closet relationships and how you take these for granted sometimes.

Like my other trips, it's left me feeling happy and grounded. Life's stresses and worries are no longer an issue again, it seems ludicrous why anyone would even worry about half the crap they do. I text my wife and told her how much I loved her, it was the only thing that really mattered to me at that point.

Thanks for reading.
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Beautiful write ups and outcomes.

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