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Perhaps, but it doesn't account for the transcendent experience.

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So I had the morning off work, I thought I'd treat myself to a trip to hyperspace. It's a beautiful sunny day, I drove my van down to the river front and put some meditation music on. I have this beautiful song I like with pan pipes and a heavenly female voice, really touches the soul, it's 12 minutes long so a perfect length for a trip.

I loaded the Yocan up with just a couple of grains of spice and took it, just to calm the nerves. After the preflight anxiety had left, I watched how the breeze made the sunlight dance across the trees and water, everything was saturated and alive, the sunlight was feeding into everything. We sometimes forget to stand back and appreciate nature's beauty, my whole being was glowing.

I loaded up the Yocan with 30mg of spice and vaped it in 3 hits, holding in each hit for 15 secs. I was met with the familiar ear ringing then I was instantly catapulted into hyperspace, where I was met with constantly evolving 3D geometry against a dense grid like backdrop, it had code or words across it too, but I couldn't make it out. Beautiful saturated colours, with no shadows. It was constantly morphing, like it was trying to tell me something.

I was then taken even deeper, into a space where I was shown the fractal nature of our universe. The best way I can describe it is, everything is created from one universal mathematical equation that functions like a feedback loop. It showed me no matter how much we try to understand or how deep you go, it only gets more complicated but as you turn back you are always at the start of it. But the amazing thing was, I wasn't just witnessing this, I was it.

It then showed me the thin artificial veil which is our reality and life, the physical world. But not to dismiss it as false and meaningless, yet use it to learn, love and have fun, but not to take it too seriously.

When I came too, I was filled with euphoria and love for life and the people closest to me. I feel like I let go of something inside me this time, almost like a repression mechanism which stopped me from viewing my own actions objectively at times. I was awash with self insight, I sat and thought about some things in my recent personal life that I could of handled better and overreacted slightly and the importance of my closet relationships and how you take these for granted sometimes.

Like my other trips, it's left me feeling happy and grounded. Life's stresses and worries are no longer an issue again, it seems ludicrous why anyone would even worry about half the crap they do. I text my wife and told her how much I loved her, it was the only thing that really mattered to me at that point.

Thanks for reading.
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Beautiful write ups and outcomes.

Outwards inwards.
Isn't it fun.
Intrigue lingers.
Atoms and sun.

Replicate shape.
Reflecting endlessly.
Mindfull escape.
Self centrally.

Scaled irrelevance.
Lenses applied.
False difference.
Light denied.

Crystallized fractal.
Harmonically charged.
Experience tactile.
Qauntum enlarged.
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Sorry I haven't posted for a while, new job and house have taken over my life momentarily.

OK so, before work today I drove to my quiet spot, meditated for 15 mins. Then loaded the Yocan up with around 35mg. Settled myself down again, then took the the whole dose in one shot. It took around 15 seconds before I was hurled into hyperspace.

At first it was the usual impossible constantly morphing 3d fractal geometry, with square textures and text scrolling across it all. It has the usual extra dimension visual to it, like I couldn't properly decipher it as I'm missing something, like the correct filer or mode to properly view the extra dimension.

Remember those 3D "Magic Eye" patterns that you would stare at and train your eyes to eventually see a 3D image inside it? I feel like the visuals from a DMT trip can be like this.

I thought it was going to be a mild trip, but it came on really strong then I felt myself falling into this underworld, deeper and deeper. Until I was at the foot of a multicoloured spiralling tower with a door, patterns and colours were squiring around all over it.. At the door was a being with a top hat and cane, he wouldn't let me see his face.

He told me the reason why you can't fully decipher this world is because you need a key, but YOU are the key, but the key is a puzzle you must first decode before you can use it. The trip then began another phase of insane geometry and then ended beautifully.

I was much more conscious and aware of the space this time, the self puzzle key has me thinking too. I wonder if there is a way to look through the visuals instead of at them, like the Magic Eye images..
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MarduksHead wrote:
5th TRIP REPORT. I wonder if there is a way to look through the visuals instead of at them

I've wondered the same thing. When youre seeing without eyes, that is to say your vision is disembodied, the fact that looking at things does not reveal their truth is right in your face because you know for a fact you are not limited by physical eyes, but rather are limited by ones way of seeing into things, trying to reveal their essential truth, which is what understanding is based on

If I was from another dimension and form of being and looked at a closed door no matter how long I looked at it I would never be able to decipher its truth for as long as it remained still or I did not interact with it. Thats because the truth of the door is its being, what it actually is, so that would be the purpose it was made for. The truth of the door is that it was made for opening and closing; doors are doorways. A door has several possibilities of being; it can be open, closed, midway, etc.

In the degree in which we can look at hyperspatial content with an eye that deciphers meaning beyond physical appearence, we will be looking correctly at things. Why? Because we are uncovering their truth, what they actually are, so that we let things reveal themselves to us. And each uncovering of a truth uncovers another or set of other truths with it, for example, the understanding that a door was made for a purpose reveals that whoever made it can make things for a purpose. If the door is carved beautifully, then it reveals that whoever made it not only has the inteligence to make things for a purpose, but that it makes things to express itself and feel beauty.

Nice trip reports =)
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Great reply Fran, it's interesting how this trip I was more aware of what was happening and able to question why I can't fully decode the visuals, then to be told why by an entity is really interesting..

My next trip will be focussed around asking a question whilst in the space.
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Looks like you are having some amazing experiences here. Don't be so naive to think it can't go bad though, DMT can supposdely show you the most brilliant aspects of your own nature as well as the darkest. There are plenty of accounts on here noting how incredibly horrible it can be (called hyperslaps). There are different ideas floating around as to why they occur, a lot of people agree it can be due to wrong intention and/or simply not being mentally prepared or adaptive to new experiences like that whereby the rejection of them leads to fear which in turns spirals in to anxiety and then in to derealisation/depersonalisation days or weeks later. Nevertheless, I don't wish those kinds of trips on anyone and I hope that everyone goes in with the utmost respect and has the best intentions.

I am so glad for you though. Its also great to hear there are people practicing therapy with DMT, that's how it should be really. Do you have any idea of the dosage the therapist gives you?
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I don't know, I can only assume it's around 25-35mg. I only had 2 sessions with the therapist also, I then learned to source and extract my own. I learned to meditate effectively then went solo, good times.

Don't get me wrong, I have had some fear and paranoia when under, my penultimate trip I saw a work college in my trip and that started to spiral and turn into paranoia and panic, why - I don't know but it did.

I managed to overcome it and turn the trip around, that's why now I only venture into the sensorium when I've meditated and get myself into the right mindset, you gotta get all that useless internal dialogue out. A couple of times I have decided not to go ahead when unable to get myself in the correct mindset.
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