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#1 Posted : 6/18/2019 4:27:46 PM

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I'm planning on trying pharmahuasca for the first time on the solstice. I'm only going to take about a hundred and 50 mg of harmals and 46 mg DMT. I'm going to make a second cup / batch in case I want to go further deeper or longer. here's the rub, my roommate is not experienced and
Not a reliable trip sitter. I want to know if there is actual risk of choking in my own vomit with pharmahuasca?

It seems most people do their experience at night, in Alaska the sun barely goes down at night so is a darkroom during the day equivalent?
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I’d keep at least one person around just in case it does get intense(it definitely can)... as far as the light I was in the dark but I feel like I might enjoy it more in a well lit room.. this is still something I wanna try
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