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After my last few experiences, most of which were mingled with LSD, I decided I was going to take a journey with my changa with a clear mind this time.

After waiting for Mrs shaman and Shaman jr to go to bed, I made myself comfortable on the bed in our spare room, lit some incense, and packed 250mg of my changa into my pipe (I should mention that I made this changa up so every 200mg has about 30mg of acacia freebase and about 40mg of Syrian rue freebase) and I started to smoalk.

It set in slowly, I got maybe 4 good tokes before I had to put the pipe down, I could no longer function the lighter. As the changa took full hold I felt a familiar entity join me, anxiety took hold as I felt the entity press itself down onto me. After a moment of panic, the entity withdrew, taking with it... An energy... Another entity? That was attached to me. It felt (and looked) much like the first entity removed a splinter from my entire body. The anxiety immediately resided, and I was left with a feeling of awe.

As I came back to reality I realized I only finished half the changa! I was planning on two breakthroughs, but not from the same bowl! And after letting myself come fully back to reality I lit the rest of the changa.

I lay back, as the first entity I encountered (the splinter remover) swirled back into my view. It danced around me, inspecting me. I could feel it pulling on my limbs, poking my eyes, and other odd sensations as this. As it felt satisfied it withdrew.

Something in me said "wait, you're not done yet" as I sat up and managed to get another "sprinkle" of changa into my pipe and cleared it.

I lay back, and close my eyes I was greeted by a different entity. This one looming over me, Native American in appearance, though I could see no face, just a plethora of feathers and beads hanging off of it. It told me I needed to eat peyote. Visually it was as if the entity was spitting a stream of peyote buttons at me.

At this point I'll back up a little bit, this was very strange to me because much earlier in the day the Mrs and I were invited to a future peyote ceramony, held by a group the friend inviting us is a part of. I, at the time, declined, I didn't (don't really know if this feeling has changed, but I'm letting it) feel... Worthy?.. of consuming peyote, it was a sacrament meant for someone else... Idk... It's also why I'm so interested in the Tric cacti... But my point being that I declined, explaining my position, I had a convos with the Mrs about it, and put it completely out of my mind.

That is until this entity greeted me. I was surprised it came to my attention, again I had not thought about the interaction with my friend all day.

After the entity finished talking with me, a third presence was felt. One very warm and gently, motherly in a way. I didn't see an entity this time, just felt it (the native American was still looking over my vision) the motherly entity filled me with a reassurance that everything was going to be okay, but I was going to love and hate at the same time what was going to happen next.

A hand emerged from behind the feathers of the Native, a hand I recognized. It was my grandmother's hand, I grasped it, feeling her energy. At this point uncontrollable emotion welled up inside me, I became angry with DMT for presenting her to me in such a strange way and I started to cry. At this point the ether within the Native relaxed, allowing me to pull my grandmother from the it, fully revealing her.

There were no words, I embraced her, and felt her love, something I have missed dearly since she left this world. I was filled with information about her... Not her physical self, but the only way I can describe it was I was filled with her love, pure unequivocal love. I had the realization that this love, was always a connection to this realm. I was given the thought that this love never dies, it never leaves.

As I basked in this embrace, my mind turned to who would impact my children (born and yet to be created) this deeply. My mind turned to my mother, who has adopted the name we all had for my grandma "Meme" for my son. I began to weep again as my mind turned to how ill my mother is... Can be, not necessarily physically .. but spiritually. She has been seriously depressed for a long time, revolving the death of her mom, my Meme.

I don't mean to get into it too much, but a lot of the upset I experienced revolves around my mom taking SSRIs, never quite getting better. Giving new drugs a chance, but never listening to me about how I think these drugs poison us spiritually. It made me angry at myself for not having a way to convey what I was experiencing to her, knowing that seeing her mother... Feeling her as I just did, would be such a relief to my mother. I feel it would push aside the depression.

At this point, still quite changa'd out I made my way to the bathroom to unsuccessfully blow my nose, and then to the bedroom to wake and cry to Mrs. Shaman. I relayed all of this, letting her comfort me to the best of her ability.

As I regained myself I re entered the spare room to write my experience in my journal and hopped on the chat to relay a bit of this to whomever was on.

Thanks again for reading.

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Good report, thank you for sharing.
olympus mon wrote:
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