Breaking Through with the Greatful Dead~~Psilocybin Experience~~ 3g P. Cubensis, 30g B Caapi Options
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Recounting one of my best Changa trips/ My Latest Big Trip: 3g shrooms + 30g B Caapi and 30g Lemon Balm + 1500mg Aniracetam at a Grateful Dead Cover Band Show/Meeting Mother Aya Again and Being Completely Shocked

One of my most beautiful Changa trips is something so special to me that I tear up just thinking about it. The thing about this trip was that it was tailored to me. It coincided with all my sentimentalities at a level so deep that it pierced my soul, particularly because of how soft, how controlled it was, as if I was being treated with great care and gentleness.

The vision appeared fast after 30mg DMT with 30mg harmine/harmaline on Caapi leaves smoked in a pipe. It must be added that I had drank a Caapi tea before and smoked about 2 caapi joints as well. This was my 20th changa trip maybe. I only made the correlation much later that this had to have been cause by that pre-consumption of B Caapi.

Immediately I was wrapped around by this place which I feel was Messina, Italy, a place I visited before. The most shocking thing was the woman in front of me. She was laughing and smiling! She was having a blast, as if I had just told the funniest joke, or she was delighted to be in my presence. But the opposite is truer. I knew this was THE vision. I was appalled by its clarity and absolute attention to detail depicting this human scenario. All the colors blended perfectly; all pastels.

The wall behind her was yellow bricks, the sun was shining on her adding a yellowish tone, and her sweater was pastel colors, I think yellow and a very soft green. And I just experienced that, soaking in the image, which was perfect, the materialization of bliss. As I felt the trip fading away, I sort of thought, in the intuitive and non-verbal manner in which true desires arise I don't want this to ever end, please stay...lets walk, I want to see what’s around here, walking with you as I began to cry.

It was fading. But to my complete amazement the trip coincided with my will, and we began walking through this beautiful, beautiful Italian villa which had the smell and appearance of lemons.

We only walked side by side for a second or two and then something amazing happened. Our walking suddenly zoomed away from me. She zoomed out, walking as we were, but walking round and round these yellow brick walls, as if it was a perfect logarithm, the brick walls freeze up and fractalize, and she would advance in a mechanic, logarithmic way, round and round the maze, and you could feel the movement hum


As if it was freezing up, like a scratched disk on a PlayStation game. Only that this was on purpose. It was aesthetic; just like the black and white swirls on DMT, this was a vision that caused a trance.

The walls that froze and blended as she walked around them gave the sense of being a snake. It slithered like a snake, and its broken CD like effect was reminiscent of snake scales; the yellow bricked maze was a snake road, and she was riding it as if electrically on it, like a futuristic train on magnetic tracts.

You just watched how she went through this maze, round and round, coming towards you...and like this the trip faded away.

**** ***** ****

When I left my house on my way to the show I had gotten the address wrong, landing me in the middle of nowhere. Once I realized I had messed up the address, I corrected my GPS...discovering that the bar was in downtown, 30 minutes away.

The problem with this was it was already 9pm (the time the show was scheduled for) and more importantly, I had consumed 3 grams of shrooms 10 minutes earlier. Not only that, but I had drank one cup of 30g of Caapi with a lot of sediment, and taken 2 Aniracetam. This meant that if I was gonna drive to the show, it was gonna be on the beginning of a come up of a shroom trip.

You got this...just don’t waste time. Go now!

I made the engine roar across the interstate, the come up becoming unbearably intense by the time I finally made it. Road signs were slightly funny because of their "humanness", and billboard advertisements were stupidly deceptive, and I seemed to pierce through their deceptiveness with ease, laughing a good shroom laugh and thinking how on Earth they could make advertisements so condescending to the consumer. I seemed to glide through the neon jungle of downtown, the wind refreshing my tense face.

The trip that was about to ensue was gonna be unforgettable, because it’s the trip where I finally breakthrough on shrooms.

I went in, looked around the place, and made my way to a chair about 15ft away from the stage. The lights were dimmed and blues and rock was playing on the stereo. There were about thirty people sat in tables or lounging at the bar. I went to the bathroom and came back.

I sunk into the chair, the world around me slightly stimulating, but not of my interest. I closed my eyes and experienced visions. Went deep into it. I was tripping so hard. I felt comfy there in the chair, at last having finished the drive, having been able to pee, and now being able to finally get the trip started.

They started 5 minutes later and opened the set with Ramble on Rose. The moment that riff started a smile broke on my face that must have shocked anyone who saw it for it was so overly excited that it was not of this world. Every note the band played strung my heart, so I was thrashing in my chair, tapping my feet, playing air guitar. I saw the female guitarist looking at me, smiling. She had a wicked nice smile, like she was having a great time.

I could not keep my eyes open any longer. I just closed my eyes and sang along as the visions intensified. Among what I remember are faces, and a pyramid made out of hyperspace code that had an eye on it (second time I've seen this on shrooms, but I was glad to see it again. It appeared for 10 seconds like the last time.)

By Hyperspace code I refer to a very specific visual I have on shrooms. They are diminute squares and rectangles, and lines like bar codes, which I am always confounded to look into, as they are deep inside the vision space. Its alive and it moves. Last time I had landed in these visuals was on 6g of cubensis, and I had taken only 3 this time, but without a doubt the B Caapi and the Aniracetam was taking this to a level beyond what I had ever known. This trip was gonna be different to any other mushroom trip.

The band ended with Deal and then took a break. I went outside and met the bass player who was also the lead singer, who played and sang with amazing expertise. I said hi and complimented him on his playing, and he accepted the compliment gracefully.

"You guys gonna play France or From the Heart of Me?"
"What?" A look of astonishment appeared on his face. "No one knows those songs!"
We laughed and talked for some minutes and then I asked him if he wanted to smoke a joint and he said Sure.

Well, we chated there and blazed for some time. I love being around musicians as they have a very, very good energy after playing a set, and this man was sooo cool. A heightened sense of awareness, of play, and excitement. Then I went in and tripped balls talking to the guitar player of the band. I just couldn't talk anymore. Then they went on for another hour. And this is where the trip PEAKED.

Around the time the second set opened with Franklin's Tower I broke into the DMT space. I started seeing faint snake like movements and the visions started materializing more and more. At this point I could absolutely not look at the band. Every once and again I would open my eyes and they would have that feeling like the buddhas eyes; eyelids down, an otherworldly seriousness.

I can't remember when she first appeared to me, but it started slowly. I started seeing the woman's face. She had the most UNBELIEVABLE smile on her face, which now that I think of it, must have been like my smile. A big wide grin, showing pearly white teeth, with the eyes glowing!

She moved around, playing, from over there to over here. And there was this deep sense of her being a mime or a jester, even though she wasn't characterized as such. But her spirit was jester spirit, her movements were those of the jester; moving playfully, with its eyes locked with yours, engaging you head on, at the same time slightly teasing.

I had been with her before once when I broke through on changa. That time she had been clearer...completely clear and in front of me for about 3 whole minutes. But this time she appeared through the Psilocybin visions; using the matter that makes up psilocybin visions to materialize herself. And as I was listening to the most amazing Grateful Dead songs and solos ever, mother Aya appeared smack in front of me, made up and covered in a glowing red halo.

She froze her face in front of me; a moment that was very intimate as it was very shocking and bold. It was shockingly similar to the face on my Avatar but with no make-up (PS: I have seen my Avatar pic very clearly in one DMT trip, as well as small hints of it in others.) It was magically white, like glowing, completely smooth. It was perfect. She smiled the best smile ever and froze in front me; and I received all that cosmic love and joy in rays of amazing red light.

It froze there shortly, and I tried to maintain it, but I was completely welled up by emotions, as I was dancing in my chair, feeling the music too much, and I just couldn’t believe I had broken through on shrooms like that; that mother Aya had distinctively presented herself. Again, there was this feeling of a snake for some reason. And I felt amazing. I was smiling hard.
I shook my head in absolute astonishment...

Oh my god...that just happened.

My butt was sore. I got up and started dancing and singing and did so till the end of the show.

It was certainly a trip to remember. They closed the show with Brown Eyed Women. It was a blast, and I felt amazingly clear mentally. But once I got home I had to take a Lemon balm tea and a melatonin because I was really shaken still. And that worked like a charm; 40min later I had no more shakiness and I fell asleep and didn’t awake till 8 hours in the following morning.

Cura cura cuerpecito/Cura cura almacita/Ayahuasca medicina/eres muy sagrada/ tienes el poder de sanar nuestra gente/Chacrunita medicina...wachumita medicina...Nakaykuna medicina...
I used to think of you. I'd think "She exists. She's out there somewhere." And that would give me strenght.
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Sounds like quite the ride. Glad you made it okay and maybe take an uber next time. Big grin
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VibeSurfer wrote:
Sounds like quite the ride. Glad you made it okay and maybe take an uber next time. Big grin

Cura cura cuerpecito/Cura cura almacita/Ayahuasca medicina/eres muy sagrada/ tienes el poder de sanar nuestra gente/Chacrunita medicina...wachumita medicina...Nakaykuna medicina...
I used to think of you. I'd think "She exists. She's out there somewhere." And that would give me strenght.
See the job. Do the job. Stay out of the misery.
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I second the Uber.

Though I don't have much room to talk, I've only recently started using Ubers for shows, I've almost always been the DD...
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