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#1 Posted : 6/9/2019 12:36:51 AM

Fly with the sea birds and sh!t

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Today was my first run at pharma. 145lb male. I took the advised base dose of 30mg acrb extract mixed with a shot of cola 10 minutes after a 3.6g rue tea. Went in on empty stomach, about 16 hours since last meal. Felt the minor onset pretty quickly, within 20 minutes. Jello-y is how I would describe the body load. Another 20 minutes or so I got very mild cev’s and the body feel/vibrancy of color reminiscent of the tail end of the afterglow I get from vaping spice. That road steady for an hour and a half or so until it al tapered off after the next hour or so. Ingestion to baseline was maybe 4 hours.

All and all a good first dance. I definitely see where I can go with this ROA or Aya alike. Smoother entrance into tryptamine land. Fell short of the visual experience I’ve been itching for lately, but I knew that might happen with that little of a dose. But I’d rather have dipped my toes in and find out what the water felt like before I really jumped in. Well the water felt great and next time I might go for a swim!
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Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
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Start low and build up Thumbs up
Happy trials! Wink
#3 Posted : 6/12/2019 6:09:16 AM

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Sounds like a peaceful and pleasant meeting. Keep working with it and see what you get
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