Rue with mostly harmine and almost no harmaline? Options
#1 Posted : 5/30/2019 8:09:33 PM

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just purified an ongoing extraction and notice that almost none of harmaline was percipitete.
my cheap ebay ph meter showned 8.75 and what percipitete from that is the big majority of the alkaloids, after a night on frige, vacuum filter the harmine and strart to add S.carbonate(ph strip shows about 11) but almost nothing is percipiteting...its the 3 time this is happening to is possible that the rue spicies in my area are mostly have harmine and just a pinch of harmaline?
btw the seeds bought for really cheap in one of the local market in my country Smile
about 30$ for k
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I reckon ammonia is a better base to use in the separation of harmine and harmaline than sodium carbonate or bicarbonate. You can find more details in the VDS paper.
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Have you seen this thread. A couple of possible issues raised where being too concentrated (forcing early crashing - what is your volume of water at separation and how much starting seed did you use? ) and/or doing water washes before trying to separate the products (preferentially washing away harmaline). What is your total yield? That could help distinguish between the two cases (early crashing vs loss of harmaline). It could also be something else of course.
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As hinted above, harmaline can crash out substantially below 8.75 according to conditions.
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