1000 year old chemical evidence for use of ayahuasca (and bufo, coca and possibly psilocybin) Options
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Just published today.

I might be mistaken but I think it's the first evidence for real ancient use of ayahuasca (or at least a harmine+dmt combination), and found in the Andes, not in the Amazon.

Basically they found a really old drug pouch. Someone back in the day had a proper nice drug collection, bufo, coca, psilocybin (likely), dmt, harmine.. He'd make a good Nexian haha

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I love reading things like this! Fascinating stuff!

Thank you for sharing!
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No way ticket

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Fascinating article. It really makes me wonder what life in Pre-Columbian South America might have been like. The site where the bundle was found is a fair old hike from the Amazon, but what is known of the palaeobotany of that region?

(This leads to an interesting reference: Moretti C, Gaillard Y, Grenand P, Bévalot F, Prévosto J-M (2006) Identification of 5-hydroxy-tryptamine (bufotenine) in takini (Brosimum acutifolium Huber subsp. acutifolium C.C. Berg, Moraceae), a shamanic potion used in the Guiana Plateau. J Ethnopharmacol 106:198–202. Here already.)

Also it's wryly amusing that the snuffing goods were carried in a pouch made of fox snouts.
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Interesting, not only as evidence of ancient ayahuasca, but also of geographically widespread usage.

Got to get me one one of those fox snout snuff stash bags!
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I found this link with better pictures.
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The report mentions: "These compounds came from at least three different plant species — likely Erythroxylum coca, a species of Anadenanthera, and Banisteriopsis caapi." Yopo does contain DMT and bufotenine so it sounds like maybe he was doing yopo with a caapi admixture.

I found this old thread from Jamie talking about yopo/caapi preparations:

In that thread there is also some talk about the role of coca and yopo (vilca).

I never pushed it all the way with yopo. I had some bufo changa but always gave up just as it was getting interesting as the physical effects were too distracting. I feel I have some unfinished business with it!

Thanks DancinDog for the link with better pictures.
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ijahdan wrote:
Interesting, not only as evidence of ancient ayahuasca, but also of geographically widespread usage.

Got to get me one one of those fox snout snuff stash bags!


I want the headband...damn can we humans wove and stitch.
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How likely is it that they really found 1000 year old psilocin? Did they maybe mean psilocybin? Can't imagine either one would last that long even in the best preserved site.

What does psilocin break down into when it degrades anyway? Perhaps that's what they found?
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Thanks so much for sharing, wow, this made my day! as you travel the andes you find a multitude of native psychoactive plants that grow in clumps of abundance. Caapi, wilco, so many cactus and mushrooms species, coca and more. Paradise. These plants must have been common knowledge and well integrated in the cultures.
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endlessness wrote: (attached)
He'd make a good Nexian haha

LMFAO! The great-great-great-grand-founder of The Pre-Nexus.

Reminds me of the medicine man they found frozen in the mountains with a pouch of various herbs and drugs. I think there were also mushrooms. They sure did have a respect for psychedelic mushrooms throughout history...its terrible so much oral history was lost. Sad
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