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#1 Posted : 5/22/2019 5:12:56 AM
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So I am in the early stages of researching DMT. I supposed what has led me here is a culmination of podcasts that I have listened too and an assignment I had to do on Indigenous medicines. My hope is that it can provide me with some insight into myself. What I am looking from this forum, is some information surrounding proper smoking methods. I am unsure how long this introduction essay should be, so I will include some of my questions within it and if someone doesn't mind responding that would be great. I recognize that some of my questions are probably located within your forums already so, I will be looking within the database after posting...If my questions are obviously previously asked questions, please disregard.

First, where I understand DMT is a schedule 3 drug. Does anyone personally know of people who were caught with small quantities of the drug? Not trying to be paranoid, but I just like to have an idea of exactly what I am working with. I understand you can extract DMT with some home chemistry.

I have watched some videos and read a few articles that discussed smoking methods. I watched a youtube video that detailed one persons experience with different smoking methods. He described finding it very difficult trying to break through, by any other method other than vaporizer. Is this a common experience? I have also read that ideal burning temps for smoking are approx 70-80 degrees Celsius or 170 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm finding it difficult to find vaporizers that go to that low of a temp. I also briefly just watched a video on "the machine". I am a student and the idea of the machine is great to me because i can make it cheap. But, is paying for a vaporizer worth the money?

Thats all I have for now. Appreciate any help with my questions.


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no sourcing talk, please read the link mentioned

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Talk of buying/selling is not allowed here, even when sources aren't mentioned directly by name. You should really read through the rules before posting and also edit your current post accordingly. This is all laid out in the ATTITUDE page.

And from the FAQ:

Whats the price of dmt / Can I trade dmt?
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Hey TGO,

Apologies for my error. It won't happen again.

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