Amnesia For 5mins after 30mg Options
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So After maybe 20 separate experiences ranging from being bathed in love, lost in amazement of a cosmic kaleidoscope of undescribable geometric beauty, sat in a “dark” endless waiting room waiting for something to happen, meeting the lady, Getting stuck in side a worm hole half here and half there.

There have been a random mix of experiences, but the latest was weird.

Coughing as the last bit went down & feeling the Distortion coming around me I feel instantly transported to a realm where time it self had no meaning or concept, overcome with an overwhelming need to breath but it felt like a whole lifetime of trying without being able to, apparently saying just go with it just go with it the whole time.

From a laying down position to sitting bolt up right & one huge cough...........back where it started but without any concept of myself, humanity, or any coherent thought for 5-7 and utter amnesia

It was only someone, a close friend who was sharing the session that guided the senses back, constructed my reality of life, family, loved ones, friends, current location, current situation, what had happened to get me to this room and situation.

Memory wiped, a whole life forgotten & I mean everything, now very weird having restored the previous memories and having a memory of this whole event that is remembering what it feels like that have amnesia and not having any attachment to anything.

It felt dangerous & still does.

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Did you do it before that same day?

My girlfriend and I have both had similar experiences, quite "dark" and scary.
For me it even changed midway from nice to that sensation of stillness, eerieness, stupidity, not understanding anything, confusion, utter fear, etc. In my case I didn't loose memory exactly but couldn't understand my phone, what I was doing, how to talk, how to pour water, etc. My girlfriend thought she had broken her brain and totally freaked out...

Both times, it was when using repeatedly in a short time and under the effects of LSD.

Perhaps, LSD is not needed, and the repetition is enough to achieve that awful state, so we've been taking care of leaving at least an hour of rest between sessions.

The sensation was terrifying, my girlfriend had a proper panic attack. I handled it well, perhaps because it happened first to her, but definitely not nice and would not want to experience it again ever.
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