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It was 12:30 AM and I meditated for half an hour about doing this which I had been thinking about doing right after my last 5g cubensis trip two weeks ago. I was scared but I went with it anyway. At 1AM I consumed about 6 grams of shrooms (the first flush from one tray, pictures attached below) in the form of two teas. I did this the follwing way:

At 1:00AM broke the dried shrooms with my hand and put the in a coffee filter, made the coffee filter a ball and tied it up with a string I got from a sack of tea. Then I poured hot water on the shrooms in the filter and once full duncked and swirled them with a spoon until the water was dark blue. I took the filter out and did the same thing in another cup and the threw away the shrooms. I drank both cups in less then five minutes while watching some Siskel and Ebert videos on youtube. They are funny videos of criticisms of terrible movies (like Highlander 2:The Quickening...yeah, even the title on that one is horrible.) I ate two small pastry cakes. Delicious.

Back in bed I meditated in silence for 20 minutes and at 11:30AM I realized I was absolutley and most definitley gonna have the strongest trip of my life. My eyes were blinking intensley as if in REM sleep. This generally how DMT visions happen. I could now begin to see patterns. Then I started laughing like I hadnt in a long time. I had never laughed for this reason before either. I was laughing because I knew that this wave that is coming is most definitley gonna hit me and that this night, lying here in my bed and staring at the celing, I am gonna be fucked by hyperspace's throbbing hard cock.

Now ain't that graphic?
Some might even say tasteless.

In anycase If this was gonna happen, and it was!, I was gonna smile and enjoy it.

The come up was gargantuous. A hyperspace tour de fource. This was like the first 30 seconds of a DMT trip in visuals and headspace. I saw beings made of code which had eyes and smiled. I could see every strip of code and get lost in it and the music I was listening to to the point that I lost my mind.

Couch locked as if pulled down by gravity I stared at the dark window and could not recognize this part of my room. I knew I took 6g of shrooms and was in my room, but the room seemed wider, different, new, as if previous associations had been cut out and new ones were being made.

Waves of euforia were too strong to enjoy. It was not the pleasent euforia of a good rollercoaster, but a force so strong that one just had to hold on, grinning madly and pretending one could handle it. The waves of euforia alternated with its direct opposite (Nietzche would argue that these opposites are in fact one in the same) and thus intense panic attacks take hold of one's heart and mind and squeeze. This happened to me in a moment that I had to get up and go pee, and in the bathroom I had a mini panick attick and noticing it that very instant calmed it down by saying "no, I got this" and it vanished.

I could not move for the rest of the trip even if I wanted because I was afraid of that happening again. And I was enjoying the trip lying down, blending my mind with the visuals and trying to decipher the code.

Now this is what happens to me at every 4g+ shrooms: I suddenly realize I got it. Its like every question you ever asked ever in your life was only one question. All your life you have been after it and did not even know. And now you got it by the tail and your holding on to it, saying "this is it, you can't go deeper than this..." Most times it is a union with nature. At times I have had realizations as profound as "who would want to spend the night sleeping inside? Everyone should sleep outside on nights! So beds and rooms are a waste of money!" Of course it was a warm beautiful night and sober this doesn't seem the same.

This night the revelation was that this code I am watching is the other realm. That if I say there are other realms this is not a concept but a fact. But most people will not believe it. But it is a fact. And that is shocking. Other realms are real because I am staring at it now! So that euforia, that amazing sensation, its justified because its real. Everything I ever dreamed of as a kid, every time I laughed and in that laughter felt the joy of infinity and the emptyness of everything, everytime I ever wondered and inquired about anything in this was all about this. I somehow knew there was more, I searched, and now I am peering into this something more and am it.

My wildest dreams couldn't come close to the reality of the matter which is that these realms are infinitley complex and infinitley capable. They contain everything. They are complete novelty. No one has ever seen these images. These images can not be made up because they belong to somewhere else. Weither Jesus is real or not is completley childish and unimportant all I care about is what the text read:...Believe me when I say that my father is not of this world.

I am seeing how this code is the code of this other realm and this realm is something so new, so unlikley, so impossible, that no one could ever imagine it or write it up.

You ever see those gorgeous hat things that jesters use like the one in my pic? They look sort of like colorful horns. There is some dmt art with that too. Well, I was seeing those and they had the most unbelievable colors and patterns and they were worn by the most beautiful faces. These colours were iridescent blue, iridsescent emerald, yellow and red. They were colours made of something alive and they were hypnotizing.

Shiny stuff is the code, shiny stuff is life that explodes and expands and is novelty. Everything is made of code because code is the explosion of nothingness into somethingness. The knowledge of the something that is born from nothingness comes from somwhere where that information and novelty lies. So other realms are a fact and I am seeing the fact of it. That is why I got it, you see? I got it!

Wonderful teachers but impossible to want to go through this often. The comedown was pretty strong because I wanted to get off this damned ride! Luckily for me the trip was short and I rode out the end by keeping my eyes open and using the PC.

Amazigly, at 4AM after using the PC and smoking some weed for an hour I went back to bed and had the most amazing breakthrough mini trip ever. I saw these strands begin flashing and my eyes began flashing like at the begining of the trip and like happens in REM sleep. The strans of light turned into little teddy bears with swirling eyes, and robots with swirling eyes, and they danced and moved like those toys that you spin and ramp up from the back. It was so infantile and beautiful. I remembered watching Disney's Fun and Fancy Free and am happy I watched it. I was seeing Bobo now, the little sweet teddy bear that escaped the circus. So beautiful. This was my gift for enduring such a hard and mind shattering, ego devastating, physically taxing trip.

Now I feel amazing.

On a side note, I knew I was gonna take these shrooms from the moment I saw them. The pinset was just amazing and I knew that it was a powerfull first flush. I ate every 2inch shroom and up on and that tray.

What a trip.

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Thanks for this beautiful trip report.

I have seen some kind of runes / code several times before. They feel ominous when I see them as if they are tremendously powerful and something I should be careful with. It's hard to describe the feeling.

Those mushrooms are a beauty. I would suggest (if not doing so already) you try squeezing them a few times while making the tea. Simply push them against the side repeatedly with a fork while under the hot water or against the bottom with a potato masher.
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Amazing trip report!
I love reading other people experiences, thank you!
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I enjoyed the read as well! I'm looking forward to my next intense GOOD trip...
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