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#161 Posted : 9/22/2018 5:21:42 AM
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d.b.o. attached the following image(s):
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SWIM found freeze precipitation produced xtals.. has anyone tried freeze precipitation on the saturated solvent and gotten goo instead of crystals? This seems like it could be a clear way to make sure you have the texture you are looking for if freezing doesn't often produce goo..
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I think of it like with dabs, there will be crystallized forms such as in diamond sauce, isolate, sugar wax, etc you can see the little crystals.. though with a small amount of heat any of these perfect beautiful crystals will become a sticky sap..
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SWIM is brand new. His glass pie pan has been in the freezer for about 34 hours now. There are quite a few floating particles and then there is a yellowish film floating around as well. Is this the "goo" that we speak of?
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Just did an extraction. It looked like text book clusters of white crystals. But when I ran the razor down the glass and it got up the underlying layer of sticky NMT. Oh well, I had just make a goo ball. No solid crystals to put in the freebase base stache bag this round. I just set the whole dish on the radiator on low heat and let it melt. Razor blade and all. Tossed in 1 grams of dry Changa herb and started mopping up the sticky spice. Added another 500mg of dry herb to pick up the remnant and get the sticky off my fingers. A few minutes later there was 2.5 grams of Changa on my scale.

Simple easy solution to use for sticky spice. Full spectrum Changa without using solvents.
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So after several extractions with ACRB being basically 90% "goo" using an old tek my friend was left with an excess amount. New tek yields great cyystals so problem is solved but what to do with all the goo? Well.... put it in a cart! These seem like they would be great for festivals. My friend has taken it for a spin probably 4 times. It's most definitely different than the crystalline spice. My guess is you can go about as far as you want to depending on how long you pull and how many times. But for her it was just a really good body buzz with very light open eyes visuals on 2 easy 5 second pulls. Probably equate it to about 4 grams of PC mushrooms. Smoke wasnt harsh either. But like I said it was just some easy pulls so I'm certain it could get pretty wild. Anyways just wanted to share their method and ensure atleast in her case it was safe and sound with nothing added to it. Just took a used but empty thc cart apart and razor bladed the goo in there meticulously. But all in all worked like a charm. Happy travels... and as always.... "if you dont have a plan, you're gonna end up part of someone else's plan" - T.M.
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Gulliver's Goo Tips...

This is meant to help skip the "Goo" phase with Naptha based Teks. Some warmer and wetter climates can present a challenge that others do not seem to face. I hope this helps them.

Temperature and time is Everything with Naptha. Especially when drying.
Anything over about 78 Degrees when drying the crystals, and they WILL become goo. Because of the film of Naptha sill on the edges of the crystals and under them. Trapped as they grew... So, If rushed, drying will almost always result in goo in warmer temps. It simply takes TIME.

In cold climates, less than 90 degrees average, or Air Conditioning, This will be less of an issue, but these tips should still help with goo issues in most cases.

(This method uses small square Pyrex plates with lids, any STB/Naptha method, and 1/3 of Naptha is to be evaporated with a fan on low over the surface of the fluid prior to freeze precipitation. This further concentrates the solution and causes crystals to crash out better to the bottom of the glass and stick/grow. Naptha is cheap, and not all is wasted. Just some.)

1. Freeze Precipitate Naptha pulls to Crystals for 24-48 hours.
(Longer is better for crystal growth, with the Lid ON to prevent moisture inside the area you are growing your crystals in.)

2. Put a wedge under one end of your collection dish when freezing, and let the fluid pool in one end of the container. This leaves 1/2 the container free of crystals, and leaves a place for the Naptha to run off a few steps down.

3. Pour off or decant the Naptha, after your 24-48 hours has passed. Saving Naptha for later use.
(If pouring the Naptha off, use the end where the crystals are growing, and pour gently, trying to trap them in that end. This will prevent spreading them to the other end of the collection dish.)

4. Dry the Crystals a bit more with the lid back on, by tilting your container at a 90 degree angle back in the freezer for 2-4 hours. Long enough for the Naptha to run off the outside surface of the crystals. Allowing gravity do the draining more completely. Let the Naptha run into the end of the collection dish without any crystals in it. You can slightly crack one corner of the lid to let the Naptha drip out.
(If lids are loose, put a towel down to catch the Naptha that will drip out.

5. Final drying, is done in front of an Air conditioner. Nice Dried, Cooled, Flowing Air that will maintain the crystal structure while the Naptha completely evaporates. By this point, the collection dish can be left upright, with the cool air flowing into it. (As long as the crystals are good and stuck to the dish, and won't blow out. Adjust your air accordingly, and don't blow crystals all over the room.)

6. You will be able to see when they are completely dry. Use a toothpick to push into the surface and see if its dry underneath. IF not, scrape all the material, and allow to dry in front of the AC, using a more gentle air flow, until they are completely dry all over. No Naptha smell should be present at that point.
You can at this step, choose to scrape the white and fully dry peaks off of the crystal mounds, and set them aside. You should be able to see what parts are/aren't dry at this point. The dry crystals should stay stable at any normal room temperature up to 95-ish. Past that they "May" melt again.

7. To test crystal stability, keep your container in the cool area you are drying in, and remove a small amount of the crystals. Take them to a warmer room, or outside temps, and let stand for 45 + mins. See if they melt. If not, you have stable crystals. IF they do, you should continue drying the remaining crystals until your small sample stays stable at higher temps.

Add the melted portion back to your next re-x. Used Naptha pour off, is great to use for Re-x, as its typically still containing a good portion of DMT. It makes it feel like there is less loss on each Re-x.

I hope this assists someone in skipping the "Goo" Phase and going straight to the main event!

Enjoy your Travels


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