Visual Diagram for Ayahuasca Options
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polytrip wrote:
Great work. It realy contains all things you realy need to know when you want to use ayahuasca. The only thing where i differ with the diagram is that i would consider 10 grams of chaliponga a high dose and 15 grams a very high dose.

OK This is good to know. I do not want anything on there that can lead to fearful overdoses. The lower the better, I feel is good for beginners, so they can abolish their fear and work their way up to find their sweet spots.

Thanks again for the suggestions and comments everyone I will make a revision soon.

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This is useful, thanks for putting in the time to make the information available in visual format.
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You're welcome.
I still need to make a couple edits, I've been procrastinating....I'll upload the revision soon!
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I can't beleive Ive never seen this before. Contains some very powerful info and you should deffinitely 'sticky' thisStop
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Final Revision:

۩ attached the following image(s):
aya.png (1,853kb) downloaded 515 time(s).
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refined and distilled aya information

blessed be all forms of intelligence
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This visual diagram is really beautiful... nice work guys! Cool

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that is a great diagram ۩.. glad i stumbled upon it
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۩: Thank you
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I am going through and reading all the big posts on aya... I thank you for your time and effort for making this. If I have any personal questions, may I private message you regarding aya?
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Thanks & Great work Im going for my first Aya soon and needed a nice simple guide just like that thanks very much. Big grin
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Thank you kindly
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I noticed A Confusa missing from the admixture section. If any comment can be made on the ratio I would be grateful. Awesome diagram!
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This infographic was created before acacia was a commonly used admixture. Average dosage is between 3-6 grams. It is recommended to start with 1-2 the first time in case you are extra sensitive to it.
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Visual diagram for the administration of dimethyltryptamine

Visual diagram for the administration of ayahuasca
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if u would use syrian rue as the moai would that be done in the same manner ?
and would that still be aya?

how much syrian rue would u use ?
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goddard wrote:
if u would use syrian rue as the moai would that be done in the same manner ?
and would that still be aya?

how much syrian rue would u use ?

Typically anywhere from 2 to 4.5 grams, usually. Rue is the same technology as Caapi and is just as capable of anything Caapi is capable of, they're the same technology just different flavors, so it is still Ayahuasca although some people will disagree with that but that's how it is from my perspective because i see things from a broader perspective and realize how close Rue is to Caapi in what they do, technically Rue is an Ayahuasca analog, but it's still the same technology, just a different flavor. Some prefer Caapi, i prefer Rue.
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goddard wrote:
...would that still be aya?...

This is a quote from the ayahuasca forum basic info:
...Ayahuasca derives from the Quechua aya-spirit/dead, waska-vine/rope...

If 'waska' is indeed referring to vine/rope, then the answer is clear as rue is not a vine.

If you leave the 'waska' out of it, and say only 'aya' then rue can surely roll the spirit/dead game.

But if you say 'aya' as an abbreviation of ayahuasca then we're back at: rue is not a vine.

One might think it's splitting hairs, but for easy communicating about the subject it's welcome to use same definitions. I've nothing against personal interpretations at all, but if we could eliminate misunderstandings what we're talking about that would be cool.

The most common interpretations are:

- ayahuasca contains the vine and the brew is full spectrum a la indigenous style;

- aya is an abbreviation of ayahuasca;

- anahuasca does not contain the vine and refers merely to rue based brews. Technically this is wrong as it contains "huasca" and should thus refer to the vine. It's a mess Laughing

- if plants got extracted to fine tune on the alkaloids, then it becomes pharmahuasca. This is also technically wrong because making a brew in indigenous style is also a means of making an extraction of the plants, it's just more full spectrum (tannins and whatnot). But the general consensus is that "pharma" refers to acid-base extractions mainly.

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