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#1 Posted : 2/12/2019 4:27:56 PM
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I've only recently started experimenting with mushrooms at lower doses on a regular basis, before this I had used them infrequently and at higher doses. I mention this because on the past I didn't pay to much attention to what was going on with my body in the past but now because I'm trying to microdose and find my sweetspot I'm more aware of subtle effects. I've noticed again and again over the past couple of months that I can feel a small effect right after eating a dose as low as .5g... I get a slight facial flush, a little sweat in my eyebrows and under my eyes, and a just a slight head feeling I can't explain. I don't think it's possible that my body is metabolizing anything that fast so I wonder if it's possibly a small allergic reaction ? I don't get any wheezing or breathing issues but I do get a little tickle on the roof of my mouth pretty much every time. Anyone else experience this ?

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You know how trees communicate with each other through the roots to "warn" others of incoming predators, so that trees further down the line that aren't yet in contact with the predator already start defending themselves?

I think something similar might be happening.... While pharmacologically maybe it's not the effects from the substance, but the body might have already learned the first signs of what will eventually happen so it already generates some responses.

Who knows, that's a hypothesis I have.. I have certainly experienced the same.

We could also look at some psilocybin papers and look at how fast it is absorbed. I seem to remember LSD had it's peak concentration in the brain at about 10 mins after ingestion, which is pretty impressive considering that there are no real effects at this point (gotta find the source where I read it). Maybe something similar happens with psilocybin too.
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Well the fastest shrooms can kick you is like 10-15 minutes on an empty stomach with lemon juice.

Im allergic to many (if not all) fruit and for me eating something im allergic to basically feels like everything is itching in my throat and especially the inside of my ears (Its probably eustachian tube thats itching) Also it feels like the skin is roughening up inside my throat. For me its never even close to dangerous but i do feel my throat getting somewhat restriced on some fruits (especially high amounts of bananas or cherrys)

You could try eating normal mushrooms to compare maybe. If you have an allergy its very mild but you should watch it.

And i do support endys post as well. For me especially DMT already "triggers" my body and increases my heart rate and makes me shake a bit before taking it.
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Yes, i also notice some effects, very quickly after having eaten them.
A bit of a dizzy kind of feeling. Very mild.

I think it could have something to do with serotonin receptors in our digestive system. The human digestive system, and especially the intestines, has a whole nervous system of its own down there, full of serotonin receptors. I believe i've read somewhere, that we have even more serotonin receptors in our belly, than in our brains.

It could be than these receptors are signalling to the brain "something is coming your way", well before it arrives.

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