Dmt vaping temperature : Vaporiser vs e-cigarette?? Options
#1 Posted : 2/12/2019 1:24:12 AM
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I use (very successfully) a 50w TC ecig for quite a time, it's definitely my preferred method and easiest way to smoke Dmt.
In my research of optimizating the system, I read numerus posts on temperature but absolutely no explanation about those best temp differences :
~160° For vapo (like arizer, volcano..)
~260° for ecig in temperature control mode

It's just weird! What did I miss? Has somebody has an idea?

I use to use 260,I'll try tonight a 200 in ecig,and see the difference... Very happy

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Where did you get those 160°C ?
With a volcano, ime, the most efficient is between 200 and 220°C.

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#3 Posted : 2/12/2019 2:07:46 AM
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I find that you cant really just tell a perfect temp since all the vaporizers are different (Hell some even dont tell you temps and those that do also have to be taken with a grain of salt). For mine everything between 160-230c works but i like to keep it higher for bigger hits.

The tradeoff is that the dmt will burn quickly if you are not hitting the vape. So i usually preheat to 140-150 for a short time then increase to 220c and start hitting around 170c. I also turn the vape off once i feel like my lungs are gonna be full. Then i keep the hit in and wait. For second or third hit i just turn the vape back on without preheat.

Im using a flowermate hybrid x. With the dab drum. You definetly cant use dmt straight like that in ceramic chambers.

Since dmt boils at roughly 160 you should always aim higher than that temp.
#5 Posted : 2/12/2019 8:49:59 PM
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Yes, Preheating is a good trick with vapo, for me it was necessary (vaporizer solo) to be able to take enough smoke before the effect kik you out of space Big grin
But I'm more interested by ecig, much simpler, much more convenient, (much more discret, it's not funny to walk with a volcano in your hand, when you go for an excursion in the nature!! ). You prepare your 2ml or 4ml spice liquid once, and you don't have to care about preparation for your next dozens "sessions". (this could be the drawback, it's tooooo easy :loveSmile

As promise, I tested last night the TC ECIG at 200°C/60w, conclusion : total waste :very very light effect, definitely not a good idea. Taste is a bit better, but what for if you get nothing!
I switched back to 260,and it's working amazingly well.

Still in this research about ecig, did somebody tested an ecig with a mesh atomizer? Is it worth/working? hot enough? Since it does not support temperature control, I never tried.
Just wonder, because the taste with normal spice-free liquid with nicotine is pretty good and the smoke huge Thumbs up
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Well the correct vaporization Temperature of Spice is indeed 150-165 °C - but that is when dropped on a straight plate which is heated to that temp.

I use a Crafty Vaporizer and 170 °C seems fine. The problem is that you disperse / melt it in a liquid pad and the pad is not at 170 °C when the air will be.

Therefore some people make the mistake to directly draw when the light is green (= 170 °C is reached) and then the hot air first has to heat up the liquid pad, while the DMT does not get as hot as 170 °C of course.

By simply waiting a little bit when the temperature is already at 170 °C you can GREATLY increase the efficiency and making 170 °C already good.

So this would of course also be called *Pre-Heating* but it is a different pre-heating than raising Temp to 200+ and then back to 180 or 160 or whatever. I am veeerry sure that you won't need such a big temp at the start, more likely to just wait a little longer on your desired vaping temp. But I guess this is just preverence then.

Ok, this only applies to that system with vaporizers that use those liquid pads. But this also means that for any similar reason it would be wrong to just think *Oh nothing came, so better increase the Temperature*.

Of course you could increase it, but then you go higher than you may need, just to reduce the waiting time until the vaporization starts. And for me at 200°C it gets super harsh.

Really dont know why the correct temp is stated to be 220 °C at the volcano ; D

And also this does not unravel why you need 260 °C for your E-Zig ;D

But I can just tell it really is 150-165 °C physically and then in a liquid-pad-vaporizer it only needs to be slightly higher.


Could you tell a bit more about that E-Zig method? Technically I think it is not such an overkill like the crafty, but I may consider buying one as it is even more stylish and little.

You create your mixture with those 2 solvents that are always used and dissolve your spice in it, then you fill it directly in the E-Zig. So how much ml is 1 tank and how much Spice do you dissolve in it? Also how long does it regularly last, meaning how many tokes? And how much Spice do you get per hit roughyl?

Check the

BIG Analysis on DMT !

Lots of interesting and possibly new stuff unraveled ;o
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There is a very good intro on dmt ecig here

For dosing, I go the experimental way, because there so many clearomizer available, different power, different airflow etc
Is a full universe by itself. So I start with ~0.5g with ~2ml. Make a try, and adapt (add spice) if it's too week or strong (rarely ;-).

For the engine, my last try is a vaporesso SKRR with a CCELL 0.50ohm, it works perfectly.

When choosing the ecig, take special care on
- one that make the big cloud, so you sure you can take enough material in your lung with 2 or max 3 puff
- the leaks!!!! (in my two first try, I lost quite a lot of the spice, it was strange because one was a e-cigarette I used before with classic content without any leaks, but my spice mix went out Mad
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