DMT Showed Me My Brother's Depression Options
#1 Posted : 2/11/2019 7:36:58 PM

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A few days ago, I had gone out with a few friends. I came come a little drunk, and with that liquid courage decided to smoke some DMT with my brother. I took 2 big hits, and something very strange happened. I didn't see any wonderful colors, I didn't feel like I was dying, but instead I was hyper-sensitive to my brother's depression.

He's had it for most of his life, and I always wanted to understand it better. No matter how much he spoke about it, I never really knew how it felt. That night, I felt the heaviness, the lack of feeling, the emptiness. We sat and spoke for an hour, cried together and became closer than I've ever felt towards him.

I still don't understand DMT completely, but I truly believe it wanted to bring me closer with my brother. I can see it being used in therapy sessions to bring us closer together with our loved ones.

I'd love to hear some of your stories, as I'm certain I'm not alone in an experience like this.

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Nice to hear you guys had a bonding experience!! Very nice thing to read today!

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Big grin Very beautiful...Its beautiful how psychedelics make us kids again and we can play with our brothers...understand them completley with no intelectualizing.
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I had an experience on ibogaine where I saw what my Father's perspective of me was. When it happened, it wasn't like I received the information, I actually saw myself as if I was him. Was very helpful at the time. Before I had taken ibogaine I had heard that it could do such a thing and I was hoping that I would experience that during my trip.
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