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Hello sun people,
I have a few questions, once I add Naptha to the Basified rootbark how long should I heat and then shake? For how many hours or days should I do the process for?
I was going to do the heating and shaking once or twice and then take out the Naptha. Then put it in the Pyrex and freeze it over night and in the morning scrape up what ever I get from evaporations. Do you think the process can be done over night? Any help I can get I would be thankful.

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you could heat it to 313 Kelvin, and mix for about 20 seconds, the let sit for 300 seconds, then repeat 3X with fresh naphtha.
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More shaking and/or more heat => better yield but more impurities as well

I do one or two minute shaking, the most I can. Then I let separate the layers. Then I repeat this 3 times. Then the non-polar is removed.
I repeat the above 3 times.

I suggest using more heat and more shaking for the first time, so you get the most, although less pure. You can tweak in latter extractions.
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